Monday, 14 March 2016

From AlexS - Tamsin and Anne (10 points)

I have decided to end their participation in the event the two miniatures. But first I would like to say a special "thank you" a two people: Curt, who has provided the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful and inspiring event, and my curator Greg, who not only learned to understand my English, but always gave accurate and good comments on my papers.

Thank you and all those who looked at my work and wrote comments to them. I could not always answer, but always with attention and happy to read your words.

But back to the miniatures. They are devoted to the two beautiful women who take part in the event - and Tamsin and Anne, and are my artistic perception of them.

Tamsin for me is above all a fighter. Its ability to work a lot and quality are amazing and encouraging. So I introduced her as a female gladiator, a tireless and dedicated warrior.

Anne for me - sorceress. She can, like all wizards, see the world in different colors, its striking color scheme and forced to admire. So I chose to model her as a sorceress.

In the end I will simply say: "Thank you all", and especially to my family, who gave me the opportunity to paint miniatures :)

A wonderful and fitting ending to a superb Challenge debut, Alex. I really like your two tribute figures and heartily agree with your hobby analogies of 'Tamsin The Gladiatrix' and 'Anne the Sorceress'.  I think both of these ladies will be flattered and happy by the comparison. :) 
Also, thank you for joining us this year, Alex. Your work was inspiring and your kind and constructive comments very much appreciated.  I hope the Challenge sees us come together again in the future. 


  1. Thats more courage then I have but I think they will take it well. Nice work.

  2. Thank you so much for this Alex. I am touched and you are truly a gentleman.

  3. Flattered? That hardly describes my reaction to this generous tribute from Alex it's a very lovely thought :D

    Mind you, although I'm definitely a scrapper, I'd probably choose to go into combat wearing slightly more armour, although being a redhead I probably wouldn't have time to don even that much when I "unleash hell" ;)

  4. Great work Alex. If the ladies are happy, that's all that really matters!

  5. Alex, this is a wonderful tribute to our Challenge's two leading ladies, more eloquent than words!

  6. Very nice Alex - a wonderful tribute. It was a pleasure to have you aboard, helping to ensure Fridays were entertaining! Your painting skills are a real treat for all of us.

  7. Having read Tasmin's and Anne's comments I am quite relieved that they are not hunting you down as you do not deserve that.

    A very nice tribute.

  8. Very nice work on the ladies, Alex! ;)