Monday, 14 March 2016

From BrendonW - Dreadball Robot Team (75 Points)

Dreadball for those who don't know is a sci-fi sports board game. These miniatures are made of a material that will drive most experienced hobbyists crazy. Very difficult to remove the flash. It's plastic like material but needs superglue to get the arms attached.

One Robot remains unnumbered. I believe he may be a Star player. On the red back circles before and after the decals had been applied I painted gloss varnish. I also gloss varnished the single blue eye they have which have a white centre. The Star player received gloss wherever red appears. 

I think they might make for good Rebel Robots in a Judge Dredd setting so here is a Judge bringing some Law and Order to them. The Judge was completed in a previous Painting Challenge so no points for him.

Terribly busy looking photos. It may have been a lot better if I went for a black background but lesson learnt. These are my first Dreadball team I have completed. I am yet to play a game of Dreadball. Cheers from Brendon.

Wow, what an amazing cacophony of movement, textures and colours. It took me a moment to be able to focus in on what's actually going on, but these figures are excellent. The vibrant red panels on the robots really identify them as a team and make them more visually interesting. Love the Judge in the final shot!


  1. Dreadball caused quite a buzz briefly in my area then vanised. This is one of the best teams I have seen.

  2. Oh, well. My sojourn back in the top 10 was short-lived :(

    Nice painting on these Brendon :)

  3. Nice robo-team Brendon. I especially like the old school scifi analog numbering.

  4. I bought into this game and it still sits on the shelf unloved with not a lick of paint, but these make me think of pulling them off the shelf again

  5. Dread ball was one of those games that came and went at our club VERY quickly.

    I would be pleased to have such a good looking team but hugely disappointed not to get them on the pitch so very often. I wish you well with these and would love an AAR sometime.

  6. Very cool, Dreadball intrigues me as a long-time Blood Bowl tragic. I like the numbering, very theme-y.

  7. Sweet looking bots! I like the colors you gave them and the numbering is ace!