Friday, 24 February 2017

From GrahameH - Charge of the Cossacks and Spartacus (410 points)

GrahameH - Friday 

More 15mm WW2 Soviet Cossacks

Not posted anything for a few weeks as I have been finishing off my Cossacks. I have added the support weapons and transport for these, enough for two battalions for the Rapid Fire rules. The main problem I encountered is that no one makes crew for any of this, resulting in loads of head swaps.

All the Soviets together

4 Limbers All Battlefront - Only one head swap as ran out of heads

4 Carts by Battlefront - Heads Peter Pig

4 Wagons by Battlefront - Heads Peter Pig

2 AA Wagons - Wagons are Essex, Horses Battlefront, Crew and heads Peter Pig

2 MG Carts (can't remember the name and too lazy to look up now) Battlefront - drivers heads Peter Pig

" Light Mortars - Battlefront - heads PP

4 X Medium Mortars (you have probably guessed by now) Figures Battlefront - heads PP

2 AT Guns Battlefront with 4 PP head swaps

2 Infantry Support Guns Battlefront and 4PP Heads

4 AT Rifle Teams - Figs Battlefront - 4 Heads PP

2 X 203mm Howitzers and 5 Crew each - Battlefront (Not Cossacks but needed a change)

3 Trucks (2 Zvezdas rear and QRF Radio truck in the foreground)

2 X Battlefronts SU122

3 X Zvezda T 60 Tanks
An d a small party to celebrate finishing the cossacks (Peter Pig)
Spartacus 15mm Forged in Battle Figures

Bought these a while ago just to paint rather than buy an army. Having now painted these I need to buy the rest of the army. I'm sure you know how it is.

24 Figures - armed slaves

24 Gladiators

Same unit - got to buy some more of these
Had some left over so based them on pennies and will use the in the arena

And finally the great man himself -------Kirk Douglas
That's it til next week. Wonder what I'll do next??????? Nothing like having a plan.

 BOOOM! The first point bomb of Friday. What beautiful units you have created, all ready to play. The Cossacks are deliciously anachronistic during WW2, but how fun will it be for you to gallop through woods with your Tachankas and surprise the enemy from the rear. One of the obviously odd things with Battlefront is to have units such as 203mm monster guns on the board. Oh well, at least you get to show them off  to your opponent. My favourite is the vignette showing the men dancing the Hopak. Everything about your project suggest work and fun. Oh, and the Spartacus units are just as amazing. Now you gave me quite a homework calculating your points. I considered the horse drawn carriages as vehicles at 6 points each, but the Tachankas were worth 16 points each because of the extra horses and crew, and the 203mm guns were scored as vehicles as well, because of their size. So 296 points for the Cossacks and 110 points for Spartacus and his fans. I threw in a few more points to round up the tally at 410 points. Great work! (Sylvain)


  1. Great work on these. That's a lot of care and skill to for all those headswaps. Did you drill pins to hold the heads or just go with glue? The end effect is a horde of Cossacks.

  2. That's quite the points bomb of Cossacky goodness and some lovely revolting Roman slaves :)

  3. Geez, these are great. The slave revolt units are very good but I have to say that I'm really taken by the little things you did to make the Soviet force your own - the head-swaps, the Peter Pig vignette - excellent work.

  4. Congratulations on a great force! I wouldn't have the patience to do all those head swaps. I like the reins as well.

  5. Dang! I really can't choose whether I like the Cossacks or the revolting slaves best... If I really had to choose, I'd go with Spartacus and his mates, mainly because WW2 is not my period, your painting of all of these mini's is the same level of awesome!

  6. You obviously put a lot of extra work in these and it really shows! Love the party vignette!

  7. Great looking slaves and brilliant looking cossaks, really like party scene.
    Best Iain

  8. I quite like the Cossacks,Grahame! The look fantastic and I'm impressed with the head swap at that scale, I've only swapped 15mm heads one time. It was a single head that I repeatedly glued to my fingers and not the model!
    Even so, it's hard to let them edge out kirk Douglas _err- Spartacus! ;)

  9. Thank you for the kind comments.
    Peter - I stared off pinning but it was taking ages so I cheated and glued most. Have to remember now to pick them up by their bases and not their heads.