Friday, 24 February 2017

From RobH: Ships of the Desert (32 Points)

I have worked on this submission since the start of the challenge. It was the constant project sitting on my painting desk. A dab of paint here, another dab there. The figures are based as two DBA nomadic camps and another two baggage/transport for WRG style games.

The rider I picked out of my spare box and added him instead of the baggage for one of the camel figures. The foot figure was previously painted and pulled out of the same spare figure box. It does not count towards my painting total.  Looking at scoring 8 x 15mm camels with baggage and a sole rider.

Oh we love ourselves some camels in this here Challenge. These might have taken you a ltitle while, here and there, but are fine example of Bactrians, with their very colourful loads.I particularly like that they camels' coats are varied in colour, as you often see whole squadrons of mounted troops on mounts of just one or two shades (something I'm guilty of too, I'll admit).  

I'll score these camels, loads singleton rider as 8 cavalry, so a tidy 32 points for your baggage humps! 


  1. Very nice and colourful! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has side projects seemingly always on the go.

  2. Nice camels,yeah, I've got an ongoing baggage project that I'll be surprised if it's finished by the end of this challenge,you're not alone!
    Best Iain

  3. Great looking caravan Rob, nice shaggy beasts. I have figures on the workbench that I started on a Boxing Day and haven't touched since.

  4. When I see this I feel somehow like a long trip is coming...great work...

  5. It wouldn't be the challenge without camels or fez! Somebody needs to paint a fez wearing camel! ;)
    Nice work, Robert! I do like the colorful baggage, you just a souk for em to hang out at!