Friday, 24 February 2017

From IanW - Ancient Tanks (12 points)

Sticking with 6mm but a much smaller entry. My Persians are still without any command bases so I thought I may as well start big.

Whilst this will not be the King of Kings, it can be used as the C-in-C as I am sure more than one would have used chariots at some point.

I have based the model on a 2p coin, this gives an indication of size, or should I say lack of.

The three scythed chariots were bought for my Persian army but these can be used for later Macedonian based armies. Indeed I will need a total of six for the game Lee and myself are looking at putting on at next years Joy of Six, this being the Battle of Magnesia.

I took great delight breaking one up to have s a wrecked chariot. I was copying a previous model I did in 15mm.

As for points I really have no idea, the models are all from Baccus with the chariots being three piece kits with the wheels attached to the sides of the chariot.

Tiny but colourful. Well done! I feel sorry for the tiny horses and people involved in the "accident", but if there is no risk taken, there is no glory and no fun. You could maybe use these chariots for a tiny chariot race. You will gain a total of 12 points for these, as I will count each chariot as two vehicles. (Sylvain)


  1. Nice work Ian, especially the wreck [don't worry - we won't report you to PETA!] :)

  2. Great stuff... I need to get me some chariots now!

  3. Nice work on these chariots! I like the wreck.

  4. Very cool. The wreck is a neat idea.

  5. The wreck-marker is indeed awesome!

  6. Go on, admit it, the wreck marker came about because the super glue wouldn't stick, even at the fifteenth attempt and you threw it against the wall! There's no shame in it, we've all been there ;) nice job though, the bright colours work nicely.

    1. So, so true. ;) Seriously, excellent work Ian. Love the wreck.

  7. Chariots are great! Love the wreck.
    Best Iain

  8. Well done! As other have said, the wreck is excellent. I like Jamie's theory on how it perhaps came to be?

  9. Nice little chariots, Ian! A few more and a circus and then you do Ben-Hur in the wee scales!