Friday, 24 February 2017

From RobH: Heroes of the Soviet Union; Armoured Fist (47 Points)

Better late then never. I had hoped to have these done for the tank challenge, but it was not to be. As my second submission I offer the Warlord Games, Bolt Action Soviet Tank Platoon. I have not assembled models of this scale since high school, which is now a long faded memory. The kits were relatively easy to put together and I wanted to add some mobile firepower to my Soviets.

When searching for the link to the Warlord Games site, I discovered that they now sell additional crewmen, as well as stowage kits and tank riders. I have since placed an order.

First up Rob, and apology from Minion Phil: You had these posted up well in time, but somehow I missed that in the draft queue, and you had emailed me, but somehow I missed that aswell. So these didn't get posted when they should. But as you say regarding the theme round: better late than never!  

These T34s are the classic Soviet armour, and look great in their rich green. I'm glad the kits were easy to fit together I've heard mixed things about the Warlord ones, but hear Rubicon are excellent. They could perhaps do with a bit of dirt, to get away from the 'factory fresh' look - I'm no expert on the dark arts of weathering tanks, but I'm sure fellow challengers can offer many great tips.  

Three 28mm vehicles, and two bonus points for the tank commander makes 47 Points



  1. Very nicely done - the markings are very good. I agree with a bit of weathering though, just a dark brown or black wash would work wonders.

  2. Nice soviet armour, I've got the same tanks to paint and I also haven't painted armour know over three decades!
    Best Iain

  3. Well done Rob. Now these bad boys need some opposition.

  4. Great job Robert. If you want to try weathering, you can experiment with stuff like washes and sponge chips without it taking a ton of time. But if any tank would roll right out of a factory and into the front line, it would be a T-34...for the motherland!

  5. I agree with the criticism regarding the May Day Parade look of the vehicles. I have ordered some stowage kit and tank riders and will likely revisit the vehicles at that time.

  6. Those are some fine beasties, Robert! As Greg said, T-34 moving straight from the factory to battle wouldn't suprise me at all! ;)