Friday, 24 February 2017

From KeithS - Another Mish-mash (90 points)

This was a pretty low production week for me, despite having four days off last weekend.  Alas, I spent a lot of that time gaming, socializing, and otherwise not painting.  And, what time I did have available I used to significantly reorganize and reorder all my figures.  It had to be done.  The stuff I did paint was generally easy stuff, probably pretty low point value, though it did help clean up things  a bit for me.  All are scaled for 25mm.

First up is Woodsy Owl, also known as an Owlbear from Grenadier.  He looks pretty excited to be here, especially with those jazz hands of his.

From the back.  He looks like he is dancing, which might be a theme for me this week (it does not help that, a few minutes before getting online to post this my wife had the "classic soul" channel going on Pandora).

Next up are five Cockatrices.  They all were painted per the description written by Gary Gygax in the old Monster Manual.  For those following along, these go with the Sightless Sisters project I first painted in December, and there will be more for that project fairly soon.  On the far right is a simple winged serpent thing from Reaper.  I originally thought it was a cockatrice but, realizing my error, just painted it anyway.

Up close and personal.  These angry chickens are quite colorful.

I had a number of large, lumpy figures I decided to quickly finish to make room for other stuff in my queue - low hanging fruit, really.  They are from Grenadier (I think), a water elemental and two air elementals.  The water guy reminds me a lot of Samuel L. Jackson, and if I ever use it, I will have plenty of colorful dialog to use!

From the back.  Really quite simple with some grey washes on the air guys.

Next up were these three random guys, another Owlbear, a werewolf, and an Otyugh.  Again, all simple figures and not very challenging, but three less figures taking up space in the unpainted limbo of my work area.  The two on the right were part of a recent, sizable acquisition from my roommate from college, who found them at his parents and sent them to me.

From the back.  Once again, they seem to be dancing, or maybe just a cool fist-bump between Owlbear and Wolfman.

Just finished earlier today is an eagle and a dog.  I had to use the dog unpainted (gasp!) the other day in a game when there was a sudden and unexpected interest in trained war dogs for my AD&D game.  Well, painted now for next time, though two of the party's dogs bought the farm last weekend.

Last up is this small pony cart from Asgard/Viking Forge.  It was pretty simple, especially compared to the wagon I did last week.  In fact, that was why I did it - seemed like it might be useful.

From another angle and loaded - the cargo is removable.

That's all for this week.  In my reorganization I found a lot of misplaced figures, including more Minotaurs from the same line I painted last week, and yet more adventurers <sigh>.  However, I am going to continue to knock out monsters for a bit and then turn to 28mm Scots for Saga, as I just received some shield decals form the UK today.

What an interesting variety. D&D always strikes a deep cord on my nostalgia harp. Looks like you will have strange and fun adventures awaiting you in the next few weeks. Weird monsters will show up one after another. These 16 figures (80) and the cart (10) will earn you 90 points. Well done!  


  1. Did I miss the announcement of National Owlbear Day? That's three today so far.

    What a great mishmash of old school fantasy stuff. Those cockatrices are my faves of the bunch.

  2. What a fine menagerie of beasties :)

  3. Wow! What's with all the cool owlbears this Friday?! I particularly like the cockatrices.

  4. rather fun these figures, great stuff!

  5. Jazz hands on the owl bear! That cracked me up. Well done.

  6. Lots of entertaining critters in the postings today - hilarious. Great work.

  7. You wait decades for an owlbear and then three turn up in one day nice fun post.
    Best Iain

  8. That is a very fine menagerie you have going,Keith! My favorite is the Quetzalcoatl, or plumed serpent( it sounds cooler native though!) Like that war hound would be Numosh( i lIke him too).
    There seems to be an Owlbear parade, better grab that +3 bow of seeking! ;)