Thursday, 9 March 2017

From SamuliS: Danger 5 (85 points)

As the great Arnold would say, I'm back!

There's been quite an absence from me due to our house renovations and moving to a new place, but finally it's all finished and I can get back to having free time! Six weeks of painting walls and laying down new floors didn't leave too much time for anything fun. We moved in at the end of February and have more or less settled in. Still a lot of things in boxes around, but at least my man cave is starting to form up!

Allright, let's get straight to the biscuits. World War 2, the Nazis are making their mark on Europe. Adolf Hitler wants to take the world, and keep it... all for himself! Hitler's days are numbered, because Danger 5 are on the case. 

A masterpiece of modern television straight from Australia! Danger 5 chronicles the adventures of a group of allied agents, Danger 5, and their quest to kill Hitler. This has to be one of the most absurd shows I've seen in the last few years. Influenced by pulp adventures and 60s action series, it has action scenes that make the original Star Treks fights look realistic, over the top characters, ridiculous plot twists and always a conveniently placed window for Hitler to escape through. If you haven't seen it yet, I definitely recommend watching it!

During last challenge I put a short clip of Danger 5 in one of my entries and somebody suggested I paint up the heroes from the series. So when I visited Salute last year after the challenge and noticed Crooked Dice had a booth there I naturally had to get the set for the next painting challenge. While I was at it I couldn't resist the sets of Nazi soldiers and their lizard counterparts as well. Should provide some nice minis for pulp games when regular WW2 starts feeling too dull! As a bonus Crooked Dice were giving out a free Cameraman with all sets bought at Salute so I had somebody to record the heroics!

The heroes, Colonel Chestbridge, Jackson, Ilsa, Tucker, Pierre, Claire and everyone's favorite, the Patriotic Hound, Blondi. 

As someone could guess from the TV theme I intended to get these done for the final Bonus round, but alas work got in the way and I had to leave for a business trip and only had a day to paint the whole squad. In the end I decided to prioritize sleeping instead of an allnight painting session and just left them for the week.

Simple paintjobs with a wash over the base shades followed up by a couple of layers to bring out the details. The sculpts were mostly very good and casting was excellent. The cameraman was a bit lacking though. He's definitely sculpted by a different sculptor as the style is different and quality is much worse with especially the face being quite badly sculpted. Still can't complain as it was a free extra mini :)

Who would have known that Lizard people were running the planet already in the 1940s... 

So that's 14 figures, 1 dog and 1 camera. I'd figure that's about 16 28mm figures then and should give me 80 points and get me close to my halfway through my goal. With these out of the way it's time to start gathering points in a mad rush to the finish! There's no way I'm going to reach my 1000 point goal after having to take 6 weeks off from all hobby activity. But at least I can try getting close to it! I have some AB Napoleonics in store that should yield a decent amount of points and be a lot faster to paint than these guys were.

That was Patriotic dog, ladies and gentlemen, a tough act to follow

Spectacular Pulpy entry, Samuli!
You really can't go wrong with 60's camp Scifi. The addition of  Reptilian nazi goons and  a loyal pooch just adds the extra oomph! Very clean work on them all! I quite like the lizard flesh,er, scale tones too! I t is a shame that the cameraman wasn't up to the same quality as the rest, but you did a fine job on him as well. It just wouldn't be 7TV without a cameraman and you defintley cannot beat his price! The only place you have erred is in the point tally. I'm quite certain that a camera would qualify as an artillery piece( The past year of my countriy's political theatre has really proven that!) and crew!
It is a shame you missed the bonus round with this, but I'm honored to post it on my shift!


  1. Totally ridiculous entry Samuli. I absolutely love it. I need to check out Danger 5 on Netflix!

  2. I think I may actually have seen an episode or two of this show - brilliant spoof of 60s pulp TV shows :)

    Great work on the figures and good to see you back for the closing weeks :)

  3. Awesome entry, loads of fun

  4. Very nice, I never saw the series but your minis are great!

  5. Cracking stuff! If you haven't seen the series, chase them down!

  6. Great Finns think alike, or how the saying goes? :)
    I have also painted those human nazis during the challenge and the lizard nazis are waiting for the paint - should be ready next week. And I also have the same hero set, but that will need to wait for future challenges.

    1. Maybe we should have teamed up to paint the identical Danger 5 sets ;) Well you have 10 days to do the rest of the set to match mine!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    @Peter, I definitely recommend it! Won't take too long and at least it's had me laughing my ass off at times!

  8. Great looking silly figures and I sympathise about the house renovations.
    Best Iain

  9. Hilarious entry and very nicely painted. The lizard-headed natsees crack me up. Great to see you back Samuli!

  10. Terrific stuff.
    Why does everyone want to kill Hitler? Poor chap.