Thursday, 9 March 2017

Jez Todd - Samurai Diorama - Pictures now Right way Up (50 points)

Hi just a small points total but important as been "off the boil" and these few figures take me to my target and nicely set me up back in the groove for the last week.

I have presented the figures firstly in a diorama picture.

In more detail, first are a couple of North star figure range monk shooters.


After this we have a mix with a couple of Perry figures that have converted
heads - these represent the Ikko Iki - a Buddist influenced peasant league.
The kanji represent a Buddist slogan which I have copied from some screenprints used as illustrations in the Osprey range. I chose a slogan with a smaller number of kanji! I think the other two figures with fur cloaks  are North star figures and in one I filed the hair off to get a more monk look.

I would especially recommend the Stephan Turnball "Samurai Warfare" book which I got cheaply off Amazon as it has quite a bit of detail on the Ikko Ikki and a lot of the troops were pretty well armoured.

This has the kanji in more detail - accurate ..... but the stroke order and overall calligraphy can be criticised!

Finally I have a "ronin" type figure with a couple of disorder markers -

Overall 7 foot figures and two dead disorder markers.

Cheers Jez

Very tidy bunch, Jez! I cannot score for the diorama shots, but from the  parcels to the structure and deck, that is some scrumptious terrain for feudal Japan! The monks are well done as the glyphs onthe banners. Although he is taking a nap, The fellow in the pattern red pants looks very nice too. I appreciate the disorder markers immensely as they are more elegant than simple tokens. Usually prone figures are worth half of the value of  the more stoic fellows, but I'm going to count this as nine for the pattern trousers and the extra prep done to fit the others in as monks. The conversions are very hard to spot, so grand job at that! I have also piped you for the caligraphy which is also nicely done!


  1. I agree with Tamsin very nie Jez!

  2. Not only are these great mini's the scenery is top notch too!

  3. Lovely looking Japanese types and I agree Stephen Turnball knows his stuff.
    Best Iain

  4. I do like samurai! Even the dead are a detailed struggle to paint!

  5. Beautiful work Jezz. I always doff my hat to anyone who takes on painting Samurai. I've been looking at Warlord's 'Test of Honour' and have been sorely tempted.