Saturday, 30 December 2017

From SeanS - Bretonnian Foot Knight Standard Bearer and Mounted Knight (16 Points)

Hi All,

I know it's small, but this is the post that almost wasn't. These two are the only ones out of a total of 26 that I started after Dec. 20th for a thing we're doing with Iannick over at the Old World Army Challenge. They required some additional assembly and I almost gave up on the whole month several times as I wasted time doing things that turned out to be totally unnecessary.

In the picture I can see where I put my thumb in wet paint on the base, I had trouble with the lighting in the room and was rushing a tad while finishing these. The banners need a little more work, but I'm not certain that they'll survive the trip back home in my luggage, so they're good enough.

Only 15 points by my count, but you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Thanks for looking.


Welcome back to the Challenge, Sean! 

OldHammer Bretonnians, very cool. I like the deep red you've used for these two and the raw wood lance is the business, none of this fancy barber pole malarky.

'I wasted time doing things that that turned out to be totally unnecessary.' Oh man, I'm completely with you on this one, Sean. I often feel so scattered that its amazing that I get anything done at all. With that being said you've done a great job on these two. Now, let's see the rest.

15 points, plus another for the flag and pennant. Well done Sean!


  1. "I wasted time doing things that that turned out to be totally unnecessary"
    We've ALL been there mate. I'm currently on my third base coat colour for something so simple it's embarrassing!

    These look fine and once they kick some ass on the table you'll not mind them nearly so much.

  2. They look quite excellent, Sean! I like the red on the foot banner man and the mounted knight's white is about as pure as I figure it would be when campaining! Excellent opening submission!

  3. I like the bright primary colours!

  4. Thanks everyone. I gave them all a good dirtying up. Its kind of my thing. My grunge wash wash doing some weird separating though. I may need to make a new batch.

  5. sounds like you had some "fun doing these! They've come out very nicely though, worth the effort.

  6. great stuff, those colours are spot on and the banners really do look great!

  7. Welcome Scott. Lovely work on these two figs, I really like the flags. FYI I can't see the thumb print!
    No task is unnecessary if you learn something from it! Mostly I learn how much of a git I can be sometimes!
    Cheers, Peter

  8. "I wasted time doing things that that turned out to be totally unnecessary" has been the basis for several of my collections.

    Well done!

  9. Nice painting on lovely figures. Well done

  10. Sounds like my painting experience!
    Nice work on these bretonnians!
    Best Iain

  11. Often then most trying hobby experiences produce the best results. You pushed through and got a top result!

  12. Thanks for all the nice comments. I hope my subsequent submissions will be easier than these.