Saturday, 30 December 2017

From DebD: Reaper: Jolie, Female Scribe

Hello! This is my first year participating in the painting challenge, although I have watched others participate for years. For my first post, I thought something winter-y would be nice, so I picked Jolie from my Reaper stash. Since it took me 8 days to post, I am realizing that I will have to pick up the pace.

Scale: 28mm

Mfg: Reaper Miniatures

Product: 02835: Jolie, Female Scribe

Material: Metal

Jolie is likely to turn unsuspecting visitors to icicles...

Writing small words on the book was easier than i suspected.

The base was made from Sculpy clay and a Green Stuff World roller. Making bases with these rollers is very fun!

The accessories in the back could have more detail. Something to work on for next time.


First off Deborah, welcome to the Painting Challenge.

This is a superbly painted figure. I really like your choice of colours and your brush control for her facial features is terrific (the eyes are amazing). I also like your bespoke base, especially the ring of frost around Jolie - a very nice effect (I say 'nice' when it is currently -44 C here with the wind chill). 

I'm going to mark this one down for 'Sarah's Choice' as I'm sure she'll be very impressed with it. 

7 points for your debut on the roster, which includes a few more for your customizations. Lovely work and again, welcome to the Challenge Deborah. 


  1. brilliant 1st entry, I look forward to more submissions

  2. Welcome to the Challenge Deb - great to have you along with us.

    Wonderful figure, excellent work. They just issued another “extreme cold” warning for Winnipeg...the brushwork here has the same chilling effect. Very well done.

  3. Lovely first entry, lovely colour choices!
    Best Iain

  4. Welcome along,, good start.. and let’s see what else you have in the locker!

  5. Lovely figure and colour choices!
    Welcome to the Challenge Deb and I really look forward to seeing what comes off your painting desk. Curt was right, this figure is perfect as an entrant into the coveted Sarah’s Choice Award.
    I only wish I looked as fetching whilst walking the doggos this morning, the Weather Network has issued a Severe Warning; -46C and I almost turned into an icicle ...... was Joli hanging out in my neighbourhood park?

    1. burrrr! that is very cold! perhaps a warmer scene next would send Jolie back to her ice cave :)

  6. Lovely first entry - welcome to the Challenge!

  7. This is an enthralling first entry. Top work, especially with the eyes and the skin tones!

  8. Welcome to the fun Deb! Great to have a lady in the mix again. I really like your colour choice, especially the icy blue on the base. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  9. Very nice winter sorceress, Deb!
    I like the purple hair and the facial detail is well done! Welcome to the challenge! ;)

  10. thanks everybody for the warm welcome! it’s great to be part of the challenge this year. I am working hard to paint through my pile of lead :)

  11. Welcome to the frenzy! Very nice painting on that princess.

  12. Great stuff, that face is fantastic.

  13. really nice figure! Your choice of colours and the execution of the scheme is very good!