Saturday, 30 December 2017

From AlexK: 1st Points Drop of the Challenge (64 Points)

Hi fellow painting enthusiasts,

My name Alex and this is my first entry in my first Challenge and is a direct result of Challenge preparations. After several nights of trimming, glueing, sanding and priming I took a few hours off in front of the telly as part of a well earned break (as we all know prep is very tiring!?). As I skipped channels I came across re-runs of 'Band of Brothers', specifically episodes 6 & 7. Now as far as inspirational material goes it is pretty hard to beat and I couldn't help but paint up some U.S airborne....after a bit more prep.

The figures are from the 15mm FoW 'Open Fire!' Set and range wildly in quality from very good to absolute rubbish, but over all I'm quite happy with them. Altogether there are 24 infantry figures and 4 crewed weapons.

This was a nice little project to get me under way and the snow bases were a nice change of pace from the usual sand and dirt.


First, welcome to the Painting Challenge, Alex!

I remember those Band of Brother episodes clearly and can understand how they could inspire you to your brushes. These paras are terrific, Alex. I like how distinct their webbing and gear is, and the snow bases have a great balance between desolate frozen ground and being snow-covered. 

64 points for your first entry to the Challenge roster. Well done, Alex!


  1. Good looking paras, the basing is really good too.
    Best Iain

  2. Very evocative and some great work on these smaller scale figs - I would need a lot more practice before tackling something as small as that!

  3. Nice work on the airborne Alex :)

  4. Great brushwork Alex! You have a really clear, defined style for 15s which looks awesome, especially with the stark winter bases.

  5. Very fine brushwork on 5he mini paratroopers, Alex! I could easily cofuse 5hem for 28s with the detail you picked out of them!

  6. Welcome to hell Alex. Great work on those Screaming Eagles , very detailed despite the scale

  7. fantastic work on such little figures! Great detailing.

  8. Thanks for your comments and your warm welcomes, all are very much appreciated.

  9. Welcome indeed! And wow these have come straight from an episode of Band of Brothers!

  10. Very nice work on these paras! Your partial snow cover is very well done.

  11. Great work Alex - using 15mm figures for skirmish gaming is great fun. I'm with you on the "quality" of Battlefront plastics, but they sure seem to keep at it, don't they...?

    Well done!

    1. Your quite right Greg, we play Chain of Command in 15mm and it plays very well. With a few additions the CoC forces are quickly expanded for games of Battlegroup......I really should focus on painting what I've already got, but a box of Shermans never hurt anyone.

  12. Nothing like having lots of Winter Troops. The bases look great, I will look forward to seeing more.