Saturday, 30 December 2017

From PaulOG: Fortified Royalist Stronghold! (20 Points)

To get my first runs on the board, my initial submission for AHPC VIII is to try out the new terrain category.  I love building terrain so new option has me a bit excited.

This is 6mm Castle to be used as the stronghold/baggage element for my ECW Royalist Army.  While Alan's traitorous Parliamentarians have clearly knocked a few stones loose, it stands strongly in the name of the King!

This a resin model, manufacturer unknown, which I have based on mdf and sculpted the surrounds.  There was a bit of damage since I bought it (some 15 years ago!) so I added a bit of detritus to make it look recently attacked and damaged.  Finally, I used some Noch brand flock with flowers to add some colour to the greys.

So a fun though somewhat time-consuming build, but its nice to get my first submission done in time for the New Year.  Points wise it takes up most of a single 6" cube (it is 6mm after all!) so 20 points I guess?


Welcome back to the Challenge, Paul!

What a lovely looking ruin. It reminds me of the ones that Forge World released for Warmaster years ago. I really like the craggy hilltop it's mounted on and the groundwork you've done is excellent. It just needs a brave banner waving over the ramparts, showing the Kings Colours. :)

20 points for your debut on the roster. Well done, Paul!


  1. Nice ruin, great potential to extend subject to planning!
    Best Iain

  2. All ready to be bombarded within in inch of its life by the righteous forces of Parliament. Lovely work on this fortress of the wicked and ungodly, Paul!

  3. Nice castle, Paul! I like the weathered stone and ground work. I seem to recall a siege of Loyalists who in the end were still defending the ruins from parliament forces. Parliament forces let them withdrawal with awed respect...can't remember the battle though.

  4. Well done I'd say! I think you really succeeded in salvaging this little beauty.

  5. it really does look very good Paul, well done!

  6. Cool! Really enjoying the Terrain entries in this year's Challenge.

  7. Great work. I thought it was 1/56 scale!