Saturday, 30 December 2017

The Sarah's Choice Award for Challenge VIII

The Sarah’s Choice Award is undoubtedly THE highlight of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. (You realize that for marital harmony I have to write this stuff, right?) :)

In the firm belief that there is little to compare to a finely painted female figure, the 
prestigious and much coveted Sarah’s Choice Award is awarded to the female figure which best captures the imagination of the Lady Sarah. While her tastes are eclectic and varied (she 
can be easily swayed into the fantasy realm, Pulp/Hollywood Noir, etc.)
, Sarah does have a particular fondness for Tudor, Regency and Victorian heroines.

From the lady herself:

'I am very much looking forward to the varied entries I know this years Challengers will bring, and am always delighted and deeply impressed by the imagination and ingenuity of the participants.

Good luck to one and all in your attempts to lessen your collections of lead, resin and plastic!'


As an administrative note, please indicate any entries which you'd like to be considered by writing 'Sarah's Choice' in the Labels tab of the Post Settings.



  1. Every model and terrain bit that gets painted is merely a preamble or warm up to this, The Main Event, “ Sarah’s Choice” 😊
    Every year, the figures presented get more amazing and imaginative and I am so thrilled that this little corner of the blogosphere humours my whims.
    Have fun everyone!

  2. I have a spare bear somewhere...

    1. Ah, that's where Curt got his inspiration for the postinginstructions "female bear" :-)