Saturday, 30 December 2017

From GregB - Prussian Jagers in 28mm for the Franco-Prussian War (75 points)

28mm Prussian Jagers for the Franco-Prussian War from Helion
Well, no big surprise for my third submission - more 28mm Franco-Prussian War stuff! This time it is two squads (I think?) of Prussian Jagers for the Franco-Prussian War.  These are 28mm castings purchased via Eagles of Empire, but the castings are actually the Helion range, and are being sold by Eagles of Empire through some manner of partnership arrangement with the good people of North Star Miniatures.

One squad of Jagers - I used tufts of blue flowers to help with quick ID on the table

Where the Eagles of Empire castings have certain unique characteristics - thin bodies, skinny weapons and necks, and are rather tall - these Helion castings are much more classic and robust "heroic" 28mm wargaming miniatures.  They were a real treat to paint, and unlike some of my Eagles of Empire figures, I'm not convinced the rifles will all snap off at some point.

Senior officer on a hex-shaped base - this is a system used by Curt to help with quick table identification, one I have copied repeatedly...

There is one senior officer (on a hex-shaped base) and two squads of seven figures, each led by an NCO on a square-shaped base.

The Jagers add a splash of colour and dash to the otherwise dour appearance of the Imperial Prussian Army in the 1870 period.  They are also devoid of the goofy pointy-helmets, clad in shakos that are more reminiscent (to me) of the earlier Napoleonic era.  Generally speaking, each Prussian corps had one battalion of Jagers attached to perform the various and sundry "light" infantry tasks that somehow rendered them to be considered as "elite".  While Jagers were a smaller proportion of the overall infantry contingent of the Prussian army in 1870-71, for skirmish purposes I'm pretty sure they would be a common sight, so I wanted to include some in my Prussian forces for skirmish games in that setting.

The "red-flowered" squad
I was confused by the different colour references I found for these troops - whether the buttons and cipher etc were gold or brass, whether the facings were red or white, and what shade the green was supposed to be...I think it varied depending on whether they were in a "guard" unit or not.  I wanted my lads to be a regular joes, and so hopefully found colours that matched the regular battalions.

A view showing the mess kit, and of course, the ubiquitous long coats tied around the bodies of the troops...
As for the shade of green, well, sometimes you have to go with what paints you happen to have on to the surprise of nobody, this shade of green rather closely matches that seen on the armour plates of my 16th Legion forces for 30k sci-fi gaming *cough*.  Oh well...something something historical records whatever...

There are fifteen 28mm figures here, which I think should give my a 75-point shot in the arm - and an opening to a weekend of Franco-Prussian points bombing! 


Brilliant work Greg. I have to say I like these sculpts better than the 'stock' Eagles to Empire' stuff. As you say, they have a more robust, rounded look to them. 

I'm not sure on the correct green myself, but these look wonderful with their shades and highlights. I also really like the sharp brushwork on their short shakos, especially with the unit badge and cords. 

Looking forward to seeing the next unit in this project!


  1. Good work- looking forward to the final group shot!

  2. More spectacular stuff for one of my favourite periods! These Jäger definitely look the part and the green imho is absolutely suitable.

  3. Great looking green and lovely looking jaegers!
    Best Iain

  4. nice green and gold, good basework, great stuff

  5. Good ol' Greg's productivity in display!

    Great start to your project, these guys look great

  6. Greg, you have a masterful technique with these Jagers.

    We might even venture to suggest that this makes you a Jagermeister...

    ...I'll get me coat.

  7. That green is just gorgeous Greg! Keen to see more of this stuff if that's how good they will be.

  8. I really like these Jaegers and the green you selected. As light infantry myself, I can honestly say we aren't special but survival dictates we are very resourceful and cheat every opportunity we can. That in itself makes light infantry "appear" to be elite. ;)

    1. Dave, I have to say I very much enjoyed this explanation of light infantry!

  9. Good lord man, you really have dived into this historical malarkey with both feet! Cracking job, the green, gold and red contrast really nicely.

  10. The figures are superb, the basing really reminds me of the beautiful basework the Snowlord himself uses so top notch all round!

  11. I do not know how you pump out figures of this quality in such a short time. You will be all set for your upcoming encounter.


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