Monday, 19 February 2018

From BenitoM: Austrian Vienna Volunteers and French Eagle Standard (25 points)

A new company concluded for my second battalion of the Vienna Volunteers...

... and on the trail of my first French painted last week, I managed to do an eagle standard too

The Austrians are 28mm plastic Victrix with Perry spare heads and the French is Perry metal from one of the command boxes. 

5 models 28mm x 5 points = 25 points to add to my Challenge scoring and breaking today the 600 points barrier.


Wonderful work, Benito.... you're producing such lovely work, with great rhythm and style this Challenge.  This is the eighth successive Monday you've posted, which makes you that most special of Challenger - a serial poster!  Well done indeed, Sir - a terrific achievement which all of us would love to emulate.

And, again, the figures are not only marching with great regularity, but also really wonderful colours and basing.  The blue on the French standard bearer is really eye-catching, and the bases of all the figures assist with bringing the whole submission together in great fashion. 

Well done also on the Vienna Volunteers - I can't wait to see this fine regiment completed. Terrific work again, Benito, and another 25 points to add to your very impressive total.


  1. Well done on this project Benito! These volunteers are just as good as the rest of your regiment and loving the French eagle bearer.

  2. Lovely work Benito - I'm enjoying seeing this project develop :)

  3. Excellent work Benito! Somehow you even manage to make grey uniforms look interesting.

  4. Benito, these guys are truly splendid - well done!

  5. More lovely Austrians! I really like your French flag bearer too, the blue is spot on!
    Best Iain

  6. As usual, many thanks for your comments, highly appreciated

  7. Good work on both of those- the blue is very vibrant!