Monday, 19 February 2018

From KyleC - Busts.. but not those kind ;) (100 points)

Well this past week has been a bit of a roller coaster for myself in that I have had a lot going on with Mr Lee's Minis, and new releases ( which are happening right now... just saying! ).

This orc bust is just but one of them actually. As it will be released from Mr Lee's Minis soon, and will be put into pre-order status within the week! However before we put it live I wanted to take my hand at it and give it a good old paint job!

I have to say that although I am not a fan of the sculptor at a personal level, he did do an amazing job at sculpting this piece and the components that related to it. Now I say this as I am not the one who commissioned the piece, but in traditional MLM fashion, we are helping another company have it released.

Now Drokos here is a big beasty of a bust as well. Standing almost 100mm tall and coming in 7 pieces altogether. Highly recommended to paint in pieces to get the most out of it :D

But overall he was a blast to paint up, and I am sure there will be more copies and versions of him to come in the near future. Heck, I might even paint him again and see if I can find room for improvement on it over this one!

Another new release for us, and another piece I painted up over the weekend is this guy. The Devil from Ukrainian folk lore. Sculpted by one of my very good friends, and part of a trio of models based on the story of Vakula.

He is not as large as Drokos, but still stands a respectable 60+mm tall. I wanted to paint him up prior to the release announcement later today and also had a friend over for a painting jam where we both gave the model our own interpretation of the colors for him.

It's actually safe to say that mine came out a bit safe in comparison to my buddy's as his turned out magnificently. Mine could use a bit more contrast to show up better in the photos.

But I do like how the moon came out at least!

Have a look at to see the alternative paint job of the Devil painted by Tony. And let me know which you think did better :D My money is on Tony's but I'm a bit biased!

So there you have it.. more busts.. as for points.. no idea.. But I am sure that Sidney is just waiting to give them a fair points scoring! He has done smashingly well so far and a great job at tending to us Monday painters!


For me, the greatest pleasure in Challenge VIII has been able to act as Minion (Monday only, folks!) and seeing the work of the Monday Challengers arriving on the Blogging painting slate.  We've had no end of wonderful, craftsman-like Monday entries in this Challenge, and some of my favourites have been those which just make me say 'WOW'.  And these two very fine busts have been in that category, Kyle!

Terrific and subtle craftsmanship again, Sir.  Not only to paint these models, but also the BUILD them when painted.  That takes a steady hand, and real skill.  I get glue everywhere even gluing a flag together onto a pole.  By contrast, your construction skills are deeply enviable.

So what do I love about these two busts?  Drokos' skin tone, for a start, and then the discoloured lips of his slathering maw, and the weathered, dull, un-showy worn battleplate.  And for Vakula, his inhuman colouring, and the pale, faint luminescence of the moon he is clutching.

Wonderful, wonderful work, Kyle.  As for points, like your other bust in Week Three, I'm going to adjudicate each bus with 50 points.  Its very subjective of course, but I think more than mere points, each of these busts demonstrates something additional - and that's the mark of a masterful craftsman and artist.  Well done indeed!


  1. Lovely work on these two busts Kyle.

  2. Fabulous painting once again Kyle :)

  3. Brilliant painting! really dig the skin tone on the Orc.

  4. Lovely work on both these busts but I really like your Ukrainian devil!
    Best Iain

  5. Wow, beautiful work Kyle. I really like what you've done with that Greenskin. Amazing.

  6. Thanks all. Am really liking painting the busts again after a slog through some gaming pieces. Though I do have something interesting planned for this weekend, so next week's piece might be more interesting than these :D

  7. Great work Kyle! Very nice looking busts. Especially the orc looks real good!