Monday, 19 February 2018

Good Minion Monday Morning, Challengers !!!

Good Minion Monday Morning Challengers!!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, feasting upon the wonderful entries for the "Childhood" themed round, and enjoying (as the Roundwood family did) the entertainment from the Winter Olympics.

There's a great art to trying to get the painting table set up perfectly so that you can paint AND watch snowboarding aerials, curling or the skeleton.  Some of the action is even distracting enough to make me look up from painting yet more geese and horse reins !

And to distract you all further this morning, we have some wonderful work from the Monday Challengers, who again have delved deeply into their palettes to brighten the NINTH Monday of Challenge VIII.

Keep painting folks, as we're nearing the final stretch!


  1. Good day from Madrid to señor Roundwood and rest of Challengers!

  2. And 'HOLA' back to the wonderful city of Madrid, Benito. Gracias, and have a wonderful week!