Monday, 19 February 2018

From ValeryN - Fifty Shades of Gray (84 Pts)

Hello everybody!

I thought that for a long time I had not posted here.

In my German army for the Flame of War there are more than 50 different trucks and cars, but all of them are painted yellow and camouflage. That is for the period 1942 - 1945. But in the early period, I have almost nothing. And I decided to change this situation.

2 Sdkfz7, 7 Kfz15 and 5 Kubelwagen - 84 Pts


And what a stonking entry to get us away this Monday morning, Narval!  We have missed you greatly since you posted the tank destroyers a couple of weeks back.  But this fine collection more than makes up for it.  Every army needs a collection of transport, not least to ensure that there is more than enough vehicles to block that all-important bridge on your table!  

Well done with the two Sdfkz7s, which look terrific -  really nicely done - not only practical, but very attractive as well.

And another 84 points to add to your outstanding total, Sir!!  Keep it up!


  1. Wow another points bomb, and another fine looking motor pool!

  2. Excellent dry brush work on those grays, congrats

  3. Great stuff - let's keep messing up Miles' stats by rolling out the 15mm stuff!!!

  4. A fine entry Valery! There is a certain charme to early war vehicles, isn‘t it? You‘ve nailed the Panzergrau perfectly I think.

  5. A staggering entry, Valery, that's something to be proud of!

  6. Great looking transports, the grey is perfect and the finish is lovely and clean!
    Best Iain