Tuesday, 15 January 2019

From FranL - 15mm Sci-Fi Paramilitary Police (146 Points)

.....and Medical Support!

These are from Alternative Armies with some GZG vehicles, the police figures are resin and not a bad sculpt, the medical crew are meant to be synthetics and are some awful sculpts but with a medical cross on their backs and bags (I thought they were okay by the pictures.......sigh........but they'll do).

This is your contracted protection for that backwater planet but with valuable resources, the G4S of the future!

Headquarters vehicle with robotic land sharks......

Medical teams......

Protesters or zombies?



The boys and girls of Backwater Security Services.....

Even attempted a head swap....

5 vehicles and 51 figures inclusive of figures, bikes, bodybags and cybermastiffs!

More near future madness. Is it too early to deploy these guys in Post-Brexit Britain? (too political ??) A great mix of stuff as always. I'm treating the bikes as cavalry/mounted so 4pts apiece which is the same as the bike and dismounted rider at 2pts each (call me anal but I like the points in the correct column on the scores spreadsheet!!). I'm throwing in a couple of bonus points for the larger vehicles (cos its big of course) and another couple for the madness of attempting a head conversion!! So that brings you up to a very respectable 146 points for this entry. Well done Fran. 


  1. Very nice Fran, it's amazing what you can get in this scale and even though maybe some of the sculpts are off, you made them look pretty good!

  2. Brilliant stuff, great colours on tiny figures.

  3. Looks good to me Fan. Lee - as a Canuck it's a close horse race as to whether our British Cousins or our American neighbours will be first to descend into the anarchy requiring these guys.

  4. Great looking para military force, the vehicles are great!
    Best Iain

  5. Always really enjoy your 15mm work Fran and this is no exception!


  6. Great work Fran. I like the flying cars and HQ vehicle in particular.

  7. A glimpse into the future, nice work