Thursday, 10 January 2019

From NoelW: More Austrians, more Romans (268 points)

A slightly boring post this time, as it’s essentially more of the same.

Firstly, another 16 of the Caesarean Romans. These are identical to my previous post on the subject but they are different figures, honest. And there’s still more to come.

Moving now to my 15mm Austrians, which progress quite quickly, here are 60 more infantry, all in greatcoats. Quite easy to paint, but intensely boring.

Rather more interesting, and also reasonably pleasing, are the Austrian cuirassiers. There are 17 of these. I have absolutely no idea why – that just happens to be the number I acquired.

I make that 80 pts of 28mm, 120 pts 15mm foot and 68 pts 15mm cavalry. Total: 268 pts.

I’m planning something a little more varied and a little more visually interesting for next week. Let’s hope I can deliver it!


Well that's an impressive weeks output! Greatcoats, utilitarian but useful, more nice Romans but your Austrian Cuirassiers are splendid, the yellow and red facing working very nicely with the Austrian white.

I agree with your numbers 268 it is!

All the best Iain


  1. Nice all around Noel, but my faves are those horsemen. Excellent work on the helmetcrests, horse furniture and facings.

  2. Especially like the Austrians Noel!

  3. Splendid cuirassiers Noel :)

  4. There's never enough Naopleonic Austrians, as I experienced last year with project for the Challenge (although white and in 28mm). Great entry

  5. Very productive output! Great stuff. cheers

  6. Austrians are ALWAYS interesting - lovely to see, well done.

  7. More Austrians = Food for French Powder :) Excellent work Noel.

  8. Ih well trust Noel to show up with an invasion force for his entry!
    So much to look at, great stuff allround.

  9. Nothing wrong with the same figures Noel. Except of course if they actually the same figures as last time?
    Great painting btw!

  10. Nice job, Noel! The Austrians are interesting to me in those ranks. The great coats and regimental colors give them some flair, but the curisairs definitely pick up the flair load for em!
    Looking forward to seeing the mass of Romans when completed!


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