Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Tuesday's Minion is Freezing his bits off in Norfolk

So the Tuesday Crew have been very nice to me and got most of their entries in a little early this week. It’s the school half term holidays in the UK so I and my family have headed up to the wilds of Norfolk for a week away in a Caravan... let that sink for a moment. Its winter here in the UK and I've elected to spend it in a tin box looking out on the North Sea. That’s next level stupidity right there folks, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Thankfully the site we are staying at has a half-decent wi-fi connection, so I am able to continue with my minion duties as normal. I was worried this wouldn't be the case (I've been on plenty of trips where we struggled to get a phone signal, let alone Internet), hence the reason I asked Team Tuesday to get their entries in a little earlier. Having cracked the whip I now find the wi-fi works just fine so maybe I can squeeze some extra entries out of the team in the last few hours? Happy chance, or nefarious plan? You decide.

So what do we have for your entertainment and delectation today? Fran shows off his ingenuity with some unconventionally sourced sci-fi models; Ray is slinging it around for Postie; James is trucking it with some Morris Tractors; Ken has unleashed a Borgia pike block; and Martin presents some difficult Holpites and jungle terrain.

I'm heading out for a few hours now (visiting the excellent Muckleburgh Collection of WWII vehicles) but I'll be back online later this afternoon watching for any late entries to add. Mind you my scoring might get a little 'unreliable' by the end of the day as the proportion of holiday mandated 'Medicinal Guinness' in my bloodstream increases!


  1. Enjoy your hols Lee!

    I might have a small entry for you later today if all goes well.

  2. Caravan in February equals madness,especially in Norfolk!
    Best Iain

  3. Good Lord. Caravaning in February? Is this some experiment in Social Darwinism at the family level? 'Only the strong with survive and prosper.' ;)

    Have a great day of it Lee! (And stay warm. And don't eat your children.)

    1. No holiday is complete without either I or my wife yelling "Stop moaning about being cold and enjoy yourself!".


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