Thursday, 14 January 2021

From ScottM: ECW Gun & Watchtower (45 points)

For my price of entry I did up an English Civil War light gun. This 28mm metal set is from Warlord Games. 

A nice little piece that painted up easily and quite quickly.

The second part of my post is this Watchtower. This piece is from Games Workshop and is a few years old. I got this in a trade with someone in my local game group. From there it sat in my basement for a couple years, then it moved up to my paint room for a year and now finally after at least three years, it got painted. It actually painted up rather quickly.

I've seen pictures with the little shack either separate from the tower or on top of it. Either way works, but I kind of like it as the little side shed.

So that should be:
3 - 28mm foot + 1 28mm gun = 25 points
1 terrain piece (fills "1 cube") = 20 points
Total = 45 points
I do like a nice gun (a full broadside is even better) and your ECW field piece (Minion? Falcon? possibly even a Saker?) is a lovely little number.  The Warhammer terrain is also excellent - full of characters and crisply attended to. Well done on all counts!

Cap'n Wednesday


  1. that tower is very cool, I too like the little shed version

  2. The gun and crew look great. I like the subtly different shades you've used on the tower stonework.

  3. Really nice gun and crew and the tower has come out very well!
    Best Iain

  4. I really like the watchtower. and the gun is great, too!

  5. The gun & crew look really good!

  6. That’s a fine little artillery piece. The watch tower came out very nicely. I’d eyed that kit in the local shop but balked at the GW pricing.

  7. Great work on the gun and crew...but that TOWER! That is SO cool! Oh man, I need to track one of those down...

  8. Nice gun- looks like 22 skullz on the tower!

  9. Nicely done Scott, both pieces excellent
    Regards KenR

  10. Brilliant gun and crew! And it's great that you got that wonderful tower finished after a few years of 'seasoning' in the basement. :) Well done!