Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From AlanD - By the skin of my teeth... (54 points)

It was touch and go to meet my modest target this year, but I've managed it. It has been great fun painting western desert forces with Paul and John for Battle Group Tobruk, and for the last entries I've finished some British trucks and tanks.

First, some wonderful clunky tanks from PSC. One box furnishes four A10 Cruisers, and an A9 Close Support tank.


And also from PSC, four CMP 15cwt trucks. All the vehicles are done in the dreaded 'Caunter' camo scheme, which was intimidating at first!

That's it from me this year. I have not been active with comments, and apologies for that. I'm looking forward to a long, leisurely catch up with everything people have submitted this year when life permits. Thank you everyone for taking part, the Minions, and most of all to Curt for creating this wonderful Geek Zone.


Ahh, it's brilliant to see this great dash to the finish Alan! 

Your Western Desert project has been a pleasure to watch unfold. I like your approach to the Caunter camo scheme and the weathering on the vehicles is excellent, without being too overdone. I'll keep an eye on your blogs to see how these fair in your upcoming Battle Group Tobruk games. 

Congratulations on hitting your target Dux! Until next time, sir.


  1. Great entry, looks just like mine but smaller

  2. The quality of your work has been excellent. I’m enjoying the Western Desert vicariously through you and Paul. I like the A9, it is rather eccentric!