Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From MilesR: George Washington - Side Duel #4 with Martin C (10 points)

 My part of the side duel was to paint up George Washington and here he is.

This is a 28mm figure from Fife and Drum Miniatures.  They make some fantastic miniatures and I do have a few battalions of Hessians that will likely have to wait until Challenge IX to see pigment
 I went with a Spring theme for the basing.
And there you have it!

Another 10 points for the till


From SidneyR (stand-in Minion): Fantastic work, Miles! He really is a fantastic figure, painted with some lovely brushwork, and top-notch basing. I love how, with stately - even Presidential - grandeur, he's one of the final arrivals in your exemplary and awe-inspiring Challenge this year. And, I love the way you're already looking forward to Challenge IX - gosh, I think my painting fingers just spasm-ed at the thought!!

Great work, Sir - and another well-deserved 10 points for your mighty total. Bravo!


  1. Fantastic figure miles you've done a great job on this model

  2. Awesome little figure Miles, great basing too!

  3. Well done Miles! He looks quite the statesman really.