Tuesday, 20 March 2018

KenR : 28mm WW2 A9 Cruiser Tanks and some Trucks (70 pts)

It's the final day of the Challenge ! Here is what I hope to be the first of two entries today. A set of 4 28mm vehicles for my Desert collection.

There are few advantages to working shifts but having days off in the middle of the week especially on the final day of a painting challenge and having a body clock who thinks 5am is midday has got these models finished, it's not often you are waiting for the sun to rise so you can take some photos.

So first up are 2 A9 Cruiser Tanks from Warlord Games, these are the only 28mm versions I could find of this vehicle so they are missing the sand shields on the tracks but otherwise they are great models.

I have used the Caunter Camouflage Scheme on these tanks having another go with the AK Interactive Paints I used earlier in the Challenge on the Rolls Royce Armoured Cars, this time darkening the Slate colour with a touch of Olive Drab, a much better look. I have done a small amount of chipping and some washes for weathering.

It was common at the start of the Desert Campaign for armour to have tank names on the rear of the turret, the top vehicle show the real "Arnold" the bottom one my version and his bessie mate 'Arry.

Also in this entry are two trucks, an Austin K5 (left) and a CMP on the right. I have just gone for a straight desert sand colour on these, again with a spot of weathering and some sand effect.

The models come with removable canvas tops. I bought them from a Company called Anyscale Models who do a growing number of WW2 vehicles. The great thing about them is price, about half that of other 28mm manufacturers.

Yarkshire folk are notoriously tight with their brass and I have always been reluctant to spend 20 quid on a truck when I can buy a tank for the same price !

Points wise it's 4 x 15 for the 28mm vehicles (60) and 3 half 28mm figures at 2.5 points each so with a cheeky half point round up I make it 68 points.

With the day off and some half done ANZAC troops there should be more to come.

From DaveD Its guest minion time again - lovely work Ken , I have really enjoyed following your project - so a couple extra minion points cause I really like the cruiser tanks and extra work on camo
your points total will show up a bit later when another minion posts that bit for me (be assured they have been added to spreadsheet o doom)