Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From MikeD: A Few Last Greeks (65 Points)

Leaving it late, but it looks like I'll hit my goal. First up I've got eight Warlord Greek Slingers, painted in 50 Shades of Brown:

Just the sort of figures you want to see in your pile when you're trying to make a deadline.

And for those who prefer red, I've got these Foundry Hoplite characters:

I made excellent progress on my old Greek Bin this challenge. I've got about 1 pack of Hoplites, a pack of Spartan cavalry, and a few packs of Macedonian pike left to do. But the important thing to me is that with these 13 figures I make my last 65 points, to bring me spot on my pledge goal. 

Thanks a million to all the other challengers, Curt, and especially my Saturday minion Michael A


Mike, between you and Byron I really loved seeing all these ancient Greeks getting done up.  I had to laugh about your '50 Shades of Brown' slingers strategically placed to cover for your last entry. A brilliant bit of planning there - I should remember that. As I've mentioned before, I have a real soft spot for the work Steve Saleh's did for Wargames Foundry and you've really brought them to live with these Spartan commanders. 

These fellows will indeed give you enough to hit your target nicely. Well done sir! I hope to see you in the head of the phalanx next time we push off.