Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From RobH; Heros of the Soviet Union II (145 Points)

I picked up a box of the Plastic Soldier Company's WW2 Soviet Infantry (1942) summer uniform, on sale at the marketplace at CanGames. I wanted to see how the plastics compared to lead figures. I was please by the ease with which they were assembled, but I didn't like their weight. I think it was one of the things that influenced the use of a 30 mm base. I also found that the wash technique I use doesn't provide the same depth, especially to the facial features that it does on metal figures. 

There are 29 figures done. I thought I had 30 but it appears one went AWOL. One of the figures is metal. See if you can guess which one? With any luck I'll finish a terrain piece before tomorrow evening deadline.

From Byron:

Great looking figures Rob, and if you don't work with plastic often, Plastic Soldier Company is a good starting point.  They are both cheap and relatively nice for the price (depending on which set, some of the old ones are not great, but the new ones are really nice).  The detail is also softer on most plastics since they have to worry more about undercuts when working with the metal injection molds required compared to silicone molds for metals.  You just have to paint them slightly differently than metal figures.  As for weight, yeah it takes a while to get used to, but one HUGE benefit is that if they get bumped or dropped they normally don't break, and you can say goodbye to chipping!  That is the biggest thing that makes me far prefer plastic over metal, all my metal figs end up chipping no matter how careful I am.

Anyway, enough babble.... I think these look really good, so I wouldn't change anything too much. If you're worried about the faces, just give them a dark wash and then pick out the highlights again.   I look forward to your terrain piece coming up before the end of the challenge.


  1. I think plastic figures have greatly improved in the last few years, and I prefer them to metal in a lot of ways. Not least of which is cost when it comes to a Russian horde!

  2. Well I'm still up to giving the plastics a try. I just ordered 3 boxes of ECW figs from Warlord Games.