Saturday, 12 January 2019

From PaulO'G: Orc Legionaries and Goblin Sagittarii (120 points)

After the very positive comments about my Romanised Orcs and Goblin Auxiliaries submission a few weeks ago, I decided to advance the timetable for this army and produce two new units.

First up is the mainstay of the Army - the Orc Legionaries, deployed here in a double line wall of spears type of formation. I have done them on two bases so I can denote when the formation to gets to half strength (which halves your attack dice in Dragon Rampant).  Figs are Oathmark Goblins fitted with Warlord Roman Shields.

Second is a Goblin Sagittarii unit to support the main Orc foot troops.  To be honest I haven't found Bow units to be very effective in Dragon Rampant but this is how Roman Legio were tyoically built so I am following keeping the faith.  Figs are GW LOTR Moria Goblins.

In total that is 24 x 28mm figures ready and arrayed for battle Prefect!

The Army thus far:


Ahh, excellent! More Orc goodness from this wonderfully whacky project. 

I really like the stark contrast in colours used in this force. The puchy red juxtaposed to the olive skintones and all set against the subdued snowy grey groundwork - a great looking recipe. The two ranks of spear really fit together nicely, giving the look of a unifified mass, wheras the archers look more like a organic mob. 

So, if the Orcs are the (civilised) Romans then I'd hate to see what you have planned for the barbarians! :)

A well-earned 120 points Paul!


  1. Those romanised goblins... Octavius would be produd :-) Nice work

  2. Great looking Romanised green skins!
    Best Iain

  3. This is a great project, you’ve got me thinking and that’s a dangerous thing!

  4. They look very spiffy, Paul! I like the mora goblins as they look especially weedy in comparison to the legion orcs. I think I know who is getting the better meals!
    The red is particularly well done too.

  5. I always knew there was something off about those Romans. Well, now we know the truth - they were Orcsies! Suddenly it all makes sense...

    Lovely additions to the force :)

  6. Fab stuff.
    Veni, vidi, et expoliavit se etiam ipse caput
    (apologies to students of latin)

  7. These are lovely- I like the archers!

  8. As Morcus Vipsanius Orcgrippa said, "It's troops like these that crushed the Elfgyptian rebels and made Orctavianus into Orcgustus"
    Well done mate, they're smashing.

  9. Love em mate! I really want to have a game with you and face off against these guys.

  10. Roman orcs or is het Orc Romans? What will they think of next? They look pretty good all the same!


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