Monday, 5 January 2015

From BenG: Württemberg Jäger zu Pferd and Welsh Warlord (70 Points)

Happy New Year, everyone!

For my second entry, I have a mix of scales and periods.

The first is 20mm HaT Württemberg Jäger-Regiment zu Pferd Nr. 3 Herzog Louis.

No conversions here, besides adding a little plume to the officer's helmet made from rolled tissue paper and PVA glue. The bugler and the figure holding the carbine are the same figure but with separate arms attached. HaT has started providing optional arms for certain figures, which certainly provides more bang for your buck. Also, you aren't left with multiple buglers from the one pack you're never going to use!

The second entry is a 28mm Gripping Beast Welsh Warlord from the SAGA 4pt Welsh Warband pack I got for Christmas!

I'm not overly happy with the results after varnishing him. The varnish is getting a little thick and I feel I ruined the cape, even though I tried to salvage it with a bit of dry brushing. Still, not the result I was hoping for.

I'm happy with the free hand shield, though. Sticking with his Romanesque leather muscled cuirass, officer's belt and Spangenhelm, I gave him a Roman style Christian motif for the shield. Also, as the Welsh warlord is allowed thrown missile weapons, I gave him a javelin and a hand axe. The pose is a curious one, but I felt he was winding up to throw his javelin under-arm like a plumbata. He had no sword or scabbard, so I glued on a spare plastic one from my Anglo-Saxons.

Now I've got the SAGA rules and expansion pack, I'll be painting more Anglo-Saxons to give them the numbers they're allowed, as well as continuing with the rest of the Welsh warband.

From Curt:Great work Ben. I always enjoy the mods you do on your Napoleonics and this entry is no different - the tissue paper plume on the officer is a nice, subtle touch.

I really like the freehand shield on your Welsh warlord - a fine bit of brushwork there. The addition of the scabbarded sword was a good decision as the figure would seem somehow odd without it (especially for a warlord).
Well done! 


  1. Gotta love a 'Burger! These are terrific Ben. I really struggle with a mid-green uniform but I think you've nailed these.

  2. He has a nice grubby, bloodthirsty air about him. I agree with Curt that the addition of the sword was a good call. The shield is just great. Very neat and tidy. Great work.

  3. I like the way you've used those greens and yellows. Very effective. Also your work on that shield is excellent.

  4. Love the green you've used on the cavalry, very nice!

  5. Lovely stuff... Tempting too this HAT stuff.

  6. I might be the only one to say I don't like the Green. But I don't. (Sorry) Which takes nothing away from your painting I just don't like that shade of green!

    I also have the welsh warlord and I know how tricky I found it to paint. But yours is nicely done and looks right for the period.

  7. The cavalry are grand, Love the colors and the plumes!

  8. Really like the warlord but the cavalry are extra nice


  9. You use a darker palette than I usually see on people's Napoleonics, but I think they might be better figures for it. I like the warlord too. Very nice work.