Monday, 23 January 2017

AdamC-Halfling Slinger (5 Points)

This old Ral Partha figure was resurrected form my dead lead pile.  I don't recall much about him but I know a friend of mine picked him out for a D&D game years ago.  He was painted once but then the paint job got ruined (I don't recall how).  He came back to me and was linger until I stripped the old paint this fall to use in this challenge.
I went with basic colors, nothing to fancy just a Hobbit out for a walk with his short sword and trusty sling.
I think I will use this guy in my new Frostgrave Campaign as an "archer."  This 25mm halfling should net me 5 points.

MilesR: A Halfling is a great way to start on Magnificent Monday and Adam delivers the goods.  Ral Partha - now that takes me back!


  1. What a lovely little chap Adam :)

  2. my thats an old one .. I think I had one similar many years ago - good start to the day Adam

  3. There seem to be a LOT of Fatlings this year. I hasten to add that is not a complaint. Nice work Adam.

  4. Nice new paint on a classic mini, Nice work , Adam! ;)

  5. @Miles- I love the old Ral Partha miniatures you might see some more at some point.

    @Tamsin- Thank you
    @Dave- Thank you
    @Clint- I noticed we seem to have lots of Hobbits running around this year. Also Thank you.
    @David- Thanks very much.

  6. Your choice of colours works really well with the figure.


  7. It is a nice looking figure. Well done on him.

  8. Great figure. Little chap with a sling, you could call him "David" ?