Monday, 23 January 2017

AdamC- Swashbucklers (25 Points)

These are all miniatures from Redoubt Enterprises they claim these are 28mm but they are quite call I would judge them to be 32-35mm leave it to the judge to determine what the proper point are.  I have in fact modified these men by removing their bases and making new ones so they can be used with 25 and 28mm figures 
The First is their Rochefot figure the foe of the 3 Musketeers in many battles.
He's a great villain figure and should prove handy for En Gaurde! and other games.
Red seems to be a common color associated with Rochfort and I have to say its been too long since I read Three Musketeers so I can't say if that comes from the book but I went with it and he looks pretty cool.
Just wanted to show the difference it scale Rochfort is on the left and a Warlord Figure on the right as you can see the Redoubt enterprise figure is a full head taller and broader in the body to.  Hi might just be a very call and big man next to an average one.

Next up is a man with his rapier and a cloak over his left arm.   This is a actually a very reasonable thing to do in a sword fight but if you are going to keep your arm and coak out in front of your body were it will do you some good!
I like the details of lace on his beaches and decided the cold would make an nice contrast to the solid colors of his clothing.
The figure is perfect for a bravo or dandy in En Garde a man of some means or maybe a high noble incognito.
This pose is my least favorite of the set but the outfit is one of my favorites.
I played around with shades of brown and love how this came out it has an almost velvety texture the color says lower class but the cloth says man of means.
Another colorful dandy striking a pose I wanted something a little over the top I figured yellow would fit nicely.
I'm very please with how the gray breached came out.
That's 4 Swashbucklers I am not sure what the points should be if they are scored as 25mm they would be worth 20 Points but maybe a slightly higher point total is in order say 24 points? I leave that to the Monday Minions generous soul.

MilesR: Adam's fourth post of the day is some wonderfully painted swashbucklers who seem to be on the rather larger side - not really 25's but not really 40's.  What's a minion to do.  Add a bonus five points is the fair thing in my mind.  Well done Adam!


  1. Thank you the point total seems very fair.

  2. Replies
    1. btw, I seem to recall Rochefort wearing black in the books

  3. Nice swordsman Adam. I agree that Redoubt are oversized 28s.

  4. Very nice Adam. I really like that first figure a lot.

  5. Real nice work Adam, brown seems to be your top colour this week

  6. Redoubt do make some great figures, just wish they were a tad smaller myself, I spent a hour shaving down the bottom of a few bases of them last week, it did help, if like me you can be that anal??

  7. Very nice figures, if a bit big

  8. I love your swashbucklers, Adam. I also love Redoubt figures, but they are big, though they do mix well with other figures in bigger units, which doesn't really help a skirmish gamer much.

  9. I have these figures and struggled to paint them. You on the other hand have done a cracking job.

  10. What a great and colourful bunch, thanks for sharing!

  11. A very nice lot of swashbucklers, Adam! I particularly like Rochefort ( ...isn't that a smelly cheese?) And the fellow with the cloak.