Monday, 23 January 2017

From LeeH – Pyrrhus of Epirus and Hellenistic Generals (13 points)

Hannibal listed Pyrrhus of Epirus as one of the greatest military men of his age yet today we remember this Hellenistic King for his costly victories. Pyrrhus was a man born to a great potential destiny in 318BCE and spent much of his early life struggling to regain his father’s throne in Epirus.

I have tried to replicate in miniature a picture I found online of Pyrrhus, complete with Leopard skin saddle blanket! 

Compared to Alexander (whom he greatly admired and was related to on his mother’s side) Pyrrhus was ultimately a failure. He failed to achieve his overall strategic aims against Macedonia, failed to win against the Romans and was eventually killed in battle while attacking the city of Argos. But for all this he was described as an inspired leader, was one of the first serious threats to the early Rome Republic, campaigned successfully in Southern Italy, Sicily and Greece and wrote several well respected books (now lost) on the art of war.

I made a slightly larger base for this larger than life General. Other lesser Generals are based on round bases as usual while individual heroes are based singly and on smaller round bases.

So we have 10 mounted figures and six infantry so this lot should net me a tidy 13 points.

MilesR: Great command groups and heroes - still waiting to see the full group shot


  1. things just get better and better with these

  2. Very fine 6mm, Lee! You packed a lot of detail on them and that leopard skin turned out great! ;)

  3. Little gems each and every one of them.

  4. Oh wow, more 6mm goodness. Great stuff Lee. Love the leopard skin saddle blanket...

  5. Great command work Lee, very inspiring


  6. Thanks for all the nice feedback...It keeps me going. And a large army shot is definitely in the offing when I finish.

  7. You got some very fine details into these little chaps. Makes me want to tackle a 6mm pack of French Nappy generals I have been avoiding.