Monday, 23 January 2017

AdamC- Some More Musketeers (45 Points)

More War Lord Plastics in 25mm. After I finished the Gray and Blue regiments I learnt that Pikeman's Lament units consisted of either 12 pike men or 12 musketeers not a mix of both... oups! 

I don't have extra Pikemen but musketeers are a different story so I painted up two more men for each regiment.

That gives them 10 Musketeers so with an officer and a musician or sergeant and they will give me two musket regiments.  The pike men will get mixed together giving me three infantry "regiment" in the game  
I had still more men left over from the box so they are also painted up.  Dressed in Green and Red they can represent a unit of light infantry.
As you can see three of them have Scottish type bonnets so they might be highland mercenaries.
I'll mix these guys in with some other musketeers to make an additional unit.
A gentleman volunteer.  He is better dressed then the typical soldier but has a ordinary soldiers bandoleer.
He also has a fine brass powder flask (probably for his pistol).
In the excitement of the assault he has discarded his Musket and is going in with pistol and sword. There is a total of 9 figures here adding 45 Points to my total.

MilesR: Yet more from Adam C (and there's even more after this!


  1. Seems odd to me that pikemen and musketeers are not mixed in a unit. However goo to see some of each painted by you. Very nicely done.

    1. I thought so too but it may make more sense when I read the rules.

  2. They look very nice, Adam!
    I'm going to have to aquire that kit!

    1. Thanks! The Pike and Shotte minatures from Warlord are very nice.

  3. I am really enjoying your ECW project Adam


  4. I love your muskeeters, Adam, they are lively and colourful. Would be great fun to play a skirmish game with your figures.