Monday, 23 January 2017

Magnificent Monday Returns!

That's right hombres, Mondays back with a giant saddle bags with of 17 posts from 9 different Challengers.  Whatever ever kind of miniature action your looking for, we've got it.

But first a musical interlude in what may be the greatest musical score ever written for a movie.  Elmer Bernstein deserved the Oscar he won for this magnificent composition.  It almost seems like he really wrote it for today:

Yes only a villain like Calvera wouldn't be inspired by that musical interlude or the action packed day on miniature painting prowess that has come to typify Mondays.

We've got 1,500 points of pure Vallejo pigmented joy coming at you faster that a switchblade thrown by James Coburn.

Make way other days of the Week for Monday is coming in all it's technicolor brilliance.  It's even better than a John Sturges directed movie.


  1. Looks like another treat-packed Monday is lined up for everyone to savour :)

  2. Welcome to manic Monday people...fine film choice Miles

  3. cracking film, remake out today on dvd in UK today

  4. Looking forward to seeing what my fellow Mondayites have submitted this week.

  5. Fantastic way to start any Monday!! The best in fact!

  6. There are some serious contenders for the accolade of Best Soundtrack Ever, but curiously, most of them seem to be Westerns from the 1950's and 60's!

    From Jerome Moross' stirring soundtrack for 'The Big Country' to Ennio Morricone's electrifying work on the Sergio Leone westerns, there's something about the characters and landscapes that lends itself to larger-than-life musical treatment.