Saturday, 25 February 2017

From AlanD - Artillery for the Retreat from Moscow

This gun is a wonderful little kit, that comes with wheels with and without skis, as well as a limber and other bits and bobs of equipment (which will be painted in due course). I think it was made by Westfalia Miniatures, but now that they are focusing on fantasy figures it seems to have vanished from their website. Maybe somebody could tell us who makes it now?

With this, I have probably finished my Grande Armee force for Sharp Practice, in so far as any project is ever finished. If the Perrys add more to their retreat range I will be snapping them up like a starved crocodile.


Oh, this is very nice work Dux! I have a few of these sets from Kawe over at Westfalia, but now, after seeing yours here, I definitely need to move them up the 'to-paint' roster. I really like that they include the sledge/skis in the kit.

You've really done a great job on the snow over this project, Alan. With these fellows you get the impression that its falling at this very moment, as there is accumulation on the gun's wheels, barrel and on the the men's shoulders. Nonetheless, I suspect it will soon melt as they go into action and the gun heats up!

It was wonderful seeing this project come to fruition BUT don't you need some winter Russians as opponents now?


  1. Lovely cold work, it's gone a bit chilly I think?
    Best Iain

  2. Lovely job mate - at least the barrel will provide the crew a bit of warmth after some sustained firing!

  3. Great gun and crew Alan, and wonderful snow job!

  4. Love this and the project, Dux! I like the snow gathering on the cannon and crew! Hopefully no one licks the gun! ;)
    I'm sorely tempted to get a few just to skirmish.

  5. Marvellously frosty! I like the skis as well.