Saturday, 25 February 2017

From DavidB: Nobody Expects the Inquisition! (125 points)

My prefered army in 40k is Imperial Guard. It seems that although my gaming group have many different forces, They like to play Chaos forces...often. I lose a lot of troops to warp entities and hugs from psychotic, sadistc marines. True I can field my own Chaos troops, but it is more fun to use a force I like and give them an Imperial boost. Agents of the Imperium can boost any guard force with assassins, Soritas, and Inquisitors.

I picture this fellow as a very stern sort of Inquisitor....he has the Puritan hat for it!

In the center is a tortured psycher. and a couple more flank him made from a fantasy kit.

This particular Inquisitor harnesses the power of them to capture/destroy more.

To aid in his work he has a henchman who is consulting a tome and a peciluar servitor who shouldn't be near books.

The Inquisitor can take a doctor or interorgator to buff wounds. I figured this fellow would probably use torture to find the unclean. Mr Scratch was made from a variety of plastic kits using every bladed part I could find. I think he has 7 blades visible. He usually gets the confession he seeks.

The cherub gives the Inquisitor a buff as well. This one is dragging a flail of servo skulls. They are kinda like drones good for finding adversaries. I think the cherub does this by hitting adversaries with the servo skulls.

This fellow is a junior Inquisitor. His methods are more in line with a younger fellow.

Curt painted his version earlier and it was posted up as I was blocking in colors on this one.

He is accompanied by these two Crusaders. They were undercoated white and somehow I got this nice blueish metal effect on them. I've noted the paint and will return to white coating in the future. I used several layers of very thin paint from near spent paint pots. I always add water to the pots after extended use which means a lot of my paint pots are really washes now! ;)

Blue cords for infantry!

Simple green robes for this entourage.

A missionary with a matyred saint's bones and plasma gun with a scribe help flesh out the entourage.

Both of these were also undercoated white and painted with multiple layers.

Inquisitors can call in favors and bring more Imperial might.

If you can only bring one marine to the party, A Black Templer champion by the name Inigo should be enough to lure Chaos marine champions into the open.

Inquisitors can also use their very own Inquistion troops.

These are second version storm troopers. I have another squad of these sculpts painted in black and red, but they were painted some time ago.

Although these are not as nice as my Cadian storm troopers, I do like the sheer amount of equipment sculpted on them, They are ready for any mission. I painted all the pouches brown and the armor and helmets black. what uniform can be seen is just a simple green and grey camo as they are busy sculpts.

25 more troops off the desk.

These were my "secret" project of the year. Im not sure if i'll get back to them as I'm still playing wack-a-mole on pinterest trying to find a unit to paint them as. Im kinda leaning to dividing them up between Royal Americans and French Marines. I also have a few Prussian Cav too. 

A holy grail would be to have Zinnfiguren of my own. these flats are reproductions as the real tin troops are worth more than I can scrape together. The real ones are painted by artisans too. If you thought painting a different scale was a brain scramble, Flats take everything you know, smack you in the face, and say nope that is not how you do it! ;) the paint has to be kept thin as the detail is very thin. I may have complicated it by trying the Zinnfiguren look of painting shades and shadows. I probably should've done a few test figures earlier. I'm going to have to set them aside for the moment until I can figure a method without wrecking them.


Geez, you've managed to finish off EVERYTHING that was on my list for my Inquisitorial retinue (for which I have 4 models done). I'm so jealous! Now I have to go back to the drawing board and re-think this...

Seriously, terrific work David!  I've always liked that the Inquisition is largely made up of 'normal' human beings and not the genetically over-engineered Space Marines or monsters of the Warp. They're a little bit more identifiable. There is so many characterful models you've provided us here. I like seeing your versions of the figures I've tried, and I particularly like the fellow 'who should not be near books', but they are all great. 

To go back on my previous comment I think you may need to add a few Grey Knights as a little surprise for those folks who like to use daemons. Just to fuels the escalation if not for anything else. ;)

Save up for Zinnfiguren. You need to try some flats!

125 points for you sir!


  1. Gosh, they're good, I do think the inquisition is one of the best bits of 40K and these just look ace! Lovely work.
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you, Iain! I'm just hoping they can help my guard with a few counter punches! ;)

  2. Great work on this crew David. I love the Soylent Green pop machine! And flats ooooh please get some finished.

    1. Thank you, Peter! The Inquisitors were long overdue! So many gribblies my guard are facing! The Soylent Green machine is a free download from Tommygun. It appeals to my geek side and helps focus my camera on the minis. It is always used in my games too.
      I'm not giving up on the flats, but they are not going to be quick paint! ;)

  3. Really nice work. I second the Soylent Green machine!

    1. Thank you, Rod! I do love that machine! ;)

  4. Great to see these figures, some of the most characterful sculpts that GW have done and it's brilliant to see them all together. The inquisitors with large hats are my favourites.

    1. I do like the Inquisitors a lot. They are getting a second outing in Inquisimundia too. The genestealer hybrids are on my list for the same reason. I do like how the Inquisitors can be even more horrific than the evil the hunt!
      I also like the conversion possibilities too!

  5. They're totally awesome! I sold off most of my 40K and specially Inquisitorial stuff but this is great and almost makes me feel sorry I did sell it off.

    1. Thanks, Sander! I'm a geek packrat! Like my son now getting my old joes...the starwars stuff is still being negotiated! ;)

  6. Awesome! All that Soylent Green is making me hungry though. cheers

    1. Ha! I wonder if we could market a fizzy energy drink made from morning people! ;)

  7. Thank you, Curt! I may have kicked out a bunch, but my limited edition Inquisitor is not quote in the same league as yours! ;)
    I will get there though! As much as I enjoyed painting these fellows, I really enjoy converting up the minions. I have some ideas for Arbites and gun servitors. I'm deficient in combat servitors and my arbites are in a box somewhere...probably with the Soritas tracks! ;)

  8. Wow, great work! My genestealer cult does not need a visit from these lovely people.