Saturday, 25 February 2017

From MichaelA: Colonial River Launch under threat (60points)

I think that it would be fair to say that my challenge has not go exactly as I planned insomuch that larger units of historical miniatures have been overlooked in favour of smaller, more interesting items. I am squaring this away as a direct result of my inability to focus on one thing at any one time and although initially frustrating I have decided to embrace it wholeheartedly and enjoy the ride - so to speak.  To that end let me present to you my latest offering in the shape of a 'Sarissa Precision' Colonial Steam River Launch.  I really enjoy putting these kits together and in the case of the 'Sarissa Precision' models there is plenty of scope to add your own personal touches.  

Once completed, I set about looking for a suitable skipper and felt that a 'Wargames Foundry' Stouthearted Brit, enjoying his cup of Earl Grey was perfect for the job, but wait, what was that breaking the surface of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River?   Some plastic tentacles from my 'Rum & Bones' Kickstarter caught my eye and not content with paint alone, I used a little Vallejo water effects to give the impression of them breaking the surface. 

So another entry for the challenge completed, but perhaps more importantly another itch scratched.  Maybe the launch will resurface in a 'Congo' scenario, or be seen ferrying troops ashore along the Irrawaddy, but either way it has proved another hugely enjoyable distraction for yours truly.


Another characterful submission from the talented Mr. Awdry, bravo! My eye is immediately drawn to the rusting steam engine contrasted against the blue and white of the sun shade.  What a wonderful model.

Those tentacles are excellent as well - I particularly like the one grasping the bit of timber (I hope it's not an especially important bit of the river launch!). Finally, the passenger sipping on his cup of tea seems to typify much of the British colonial experience - about to get mangled by the enraged locals, but will do so in a civilized manner after a bit of tea. :)

I think you may need to find figures for Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn to challenge German East Afrika! 

I'm going to give 5 points for each tentacly thing so this will give you a total of 60 points - well done sir! Now, back to your hobby desk with you. Toot! Toot!


  1. You are such a butterfly MrA...

    This is a fine addition alright .. I have one of these ready to add to desk when I get it set up again .. I might just nick the blue white colour Scheme!

  2. Lovely boat and tentacles! I like the rusty steam engine.
    Best Iain

  3. Great fun! Excellently realised.

  4. This really is the "African Queen" right? What a lovely little boat!

  5. Great stuff Michael. Add me to the list of those seeing Bogart and Hepburn for this boat.

  6. Excellent looking boat Micheal!


  7. Wonderful little launch Michael. Nothing is nearly so worthy while as messing about with boats. Fortunately I've never encountered that sort of hazard in my messing about!

  8. Brilliant stuff Michael. Nothing adds to tea time like some tentacles...

  9. Nice Boat! That is a set little model that really needs a H Bogart and Ms Hepburn to be complete! ;) please keep following those hobby will-o-wisps too. They are leading you down some wonderful paths! ;)