Saturday, 25 February 2017

From JamieM: Goblins and their Larger Cousins (202 Points)

Having had one of the pillars of my world crumble when I discovered Sir David Attenborough didn't cover horse sized riding lizards or giant hydras in any of his many natural history programmes when I was researching their colour schemes, I didn't even bother looking to see if he'd covered Goblins.... there's only so much disappointment an Englishman can take after all...

So I went with Green for these 32 Gobboes

 Green is the GW colour after all, but I tried to keep it to an earthy green instead of a bright green.

There wasn't really any rhyme or reason to painting so many champions, standards and musicians (mostly hidden at the back looking at the photos!), but they'll come in handy once I paint a whole load more of them for multiple units, because as we all know, the only better than goblins is more goblins.

I went with red for their outfits as I thought black was a little drab.... and painting that many black cloaks didn't fill me with excitement!

I've been following the debate over "tabletop standard" which has been very interesting and it has helped me decide to do what looked good on the tabletop as opposed to "real life" sometimes, so no rust on the weapons, despite the fact I'm sure rust would be all over goblin weapons, as I didn't like the colour clash with the orange being so near the red and dirty metal just looked better.  The red cloaks are also a little neat for that exact reason, but they will cut quite a dash across the tabletop, I can assure you...!

This is the side of them I'm hoping to see most of as they charge towards the enemy.

And where would Goblins be without their larger cousins to back them up?

Nowhere good, that's for sure so here are 6 smelly Trolls (or Troggoths as the IP wizards at GW insist of calling them - insert eye rolling smiley here).

Colder colours for these chaps as they are river trolls so I wanted them to look a bit slimy.

Lots of rusted weapons as orange rust goes rather nicely with the blue/grey in this wargamers humble opinion.  I also tried to give the scales a shiny look, which was successful in parts, but a little heavy handed in others.

Lots of flesh to highlight on the back and I really did find them rather good fun to paint.  The scale difference of them with the goblins is brilliant, here's a shot to show them with their little cousins.

32 Goblins and 6 Trolls down and whole lot more of them needed!  I was supposed to be painting elves, but seeing this lot made me want to paint them up..... and we have to follow where the painting muse takes us after all.


 Haha! I loved your Attenborough commment Jamie - that one made me laugh aloud.

I've never really taken to GWs orks, but I've always somehow liked their Goblins. What is that all about? Anyway, the fact is I really think these little guys are pretty cool with their pointy noses and obsession with drugs mushrooms and the moon. Don't even get me started on 'tabletop standard', but nonetheless, I agree, these chaps will be quite sharp on the tabletop. Are you going to do any of the Night Goblin Fanatics or Squigs? Hopefully GW has not killed off that portion of their IP as well.

These Toggoths/ not-Trolls are spectacular! I really like the blueish/purple you've used for their skin and scales, and their weapons look suitably rotten and manky as well. Loverly.

A very respectable 202 points for the bag, Jamie. Well done!


  1. I'm with Curt on the GW Orcs and goblins. I like these guys an awful lot, especially the goblins in red. Only on the challenge does one get into the aesthetics of putrid flesh and oxidated metals!

  2. Excellent work Jamie. I really like your army so far. The trolls are especially appealing! I have lots of fun memories of Goblin armies. There's nothing like having your own army nearly destroy itself before coming into contact with the enemy!

  3. Nice job on these guys, love the red on the gobbos.

  4. I must have missed the memo about you grabbing a Destruction army... 😀

    That said these are very nice indeed and I look forward to seeing their backs from my side of the table!

    Now what's all this about Tabletop Standard?

    1. Errrrr, yes. I might have found a bargain or two on eBay whilst searching for other things...... and then reinforced them. And then more..... I am weak!

  5. Wow - these are really great - whatever points you got for the aromatic river trolls isn'e enough - they are superbly painted.

  6. Them trolls really rock! The gobbo's are great too, but the trolls really are gorgeous!

  7. Love the goblins skin and red robes, they look great, so good I'm going to pinch your colour scheme for mine!
    Best Iain

  8. Great work Jamie - love the classic Goblin look.

  9. I really like the robe colors on those goblins, Jamie! They won't get lost amoung the black robed fellows! The trolls are just awesome though. The sculpts are very fine, but I like the colors you did them in! Very fine work!

  10. "there's only so much disappointment an Englishman can take after all..."
    Is that a reference to something that's been happening every four years since 1966? :-)

    Lovely brushwork Jamie. I really like the colour choice for the night gobbos.