Saturday, 25 February 2017

From Paul O'G: Looting Landsknecht Curtgeld (27 Points)

This week I've traveled interstate with work so productivity has dived.  I'm trying to finish some figures but in the meantime have completed my most important figure of the challenge; the Curtgeld.

This 28mm Landsknecht is busy redistributing goods from undeserving locals to obviously far more deserving liberators.  This is one half of a two man chest lifting team, and Reilly is painting the other guy to complete this small family submission to the larger team Oz effort.

My first Landsknecht and while it as fun to break out all the colours, I'm glad I'm not doing a whole army of them! He is sporting a dapper ginger beard as a permanent reminder of who painted him. 

You'll see some more Landsknechts in the coming weeks as the team contribution comes together.


Oh wow, this is just tremendous Paul. I can't tell you how stoked I am in knowing that this is part of a larger Team Australia effort - I'm very, very honoured. Amazing.

I actually know this set quite well as I have it myself, but in an unbuilt form, which makes this all the better. 

This fellow does have a rather magnificent beard, doesn't he And his garb is a veritable riot of colour. How wonderful! I look forward to seeing Reilly's efforts on the other half of this avaricious set.

I really think the chest warrants a few extra points, don't you say? So lets go with 27.

Thank you again Paul! 


  1. He really is avert colourful chap! Looking forward to seeing the rest....

  2. great stuff indeed, love the colourful feathers on his hat!

  3. Great and very colourful work! Looking forward to the rest of the bunch.

  4. Nice wor, Paul! For your first landsknecht, you got the color riot good! ;)
    I like how his face is a touch red from exertion! Or has he liberated medicinal supplies in his pillaging?! ;)

  5. Great work! Looking forwards to seeing the other half!