Saturday, 25 February 2017

From Millsy - Warhammer Fantasy Empire Handgunners (60 points)

Hello All!

I think I may have discovered the absolute least effective way to earn points in a Challenge... painting Renaissance style uniforms. These have taken me the best part of two weeks to paint and although I wasn't slaving away every night I have put a good few hours into them.

So these chaps are the second unit for my fledgling Warhammer Fantasy Empire army, in this instance a unit of handgunners to serve as guards for the Artillery Train of Nuln. I've continued with the grim, hardened vets look I used in my artillery crews.

I'll preface the photos by saying these might be the worst photos of minis I've ever taken but it seems Summer has finally quit here and it is raining heavily.

I don't think there is a single mini in the Empire army of this era which I don't love. Each and every sculpt is just wonderful and a joy to paint.

Next up is a unit of Reiksguard Knights. In armour. That means NO crazy uniforms. Woot!



I agree with you on both points Millsy, this period of GW models was wonderful AND painting Renaissance figures is one of the worse ways to accrue points, especially Landsknechtes and Gendarmes. Thankfully it's not all about the points, eh? ;)

These are fabulous Mr. Mills. The colours are punchy and varied, yet they still have a cohesive palette that tie them in with your artillery. Lovely work. 

I look forward to seeing your upcoming Reiksguard.


  1. Your labour has paid off. These are wonderful!

  2. Lovely work on some fantastic figures Millsy :)

  3. Mighty fine they are too Millsy .. complicated stuff like this should command a bonus point premium I think.

  4. Really lovely work and nice colour choices and yes renaissance figures do seem to take a long time to finish!
    Best Iain

  5. Very classy mate, great job

    I agree about the Renaissance uniforms being poor from a points economy perspective - also add lace wars to that list!

  6. These are great Millsy. I do the love the Empire figures, but yes they are a task to paint!

  7. Nice work on these hand gunners Millsy!

  8. Great stuff, it was indeed a classic period.

  9. They look grand, Millsy! They sure do bring back a lot of memories. At least these are prettier than those others that shot the Lady's Blessing out of my Bretonians! ;)