Saturday, 25 February 2017

From MilesR: FOW Pacific War (486 Points)

 A flames of War: Pacific Theatre submission for today.  I finished up some Japanese and US Marines in 15mm.  These minis are are from Battlefront and were actually nicely cast.  No plastics all metals and resin tanks.
 First up a Japanese infantry platoon.  I really like playing the Japanese in FOW.  Its a list that will not win tournaments but every game you're in it to the end.  This unit has 54 figures in total.

 A second Japanese infantry platoon and, you guessed it another 54 figures.  The platoons light mortars can really be useful in the right moments.

Two support platoons in the form of a 47mm AT gun section and a heavy machine gun platoon.  The At unit has 11 figures and 2 guns while the MG unit has 15 figures and I'm taking no points for the machine guns.

 A light tank platoon in the form of 5 Type 95 Ha-Go tanks.
 and finally 2 command stands for the infantry company.  I'm not all that thrilled with the flag....
 Next up is the start of my US marine force - a basic infantry platoon with 42 figures and two LVT's

 A marine engineer assault section with 27 figures

and lastly an amphibious tank platoon.

Lets see that totals to

Inf Platoon 1       54 figures
Inf platoon 2       54 figs
MG Platoon        15 figs
AT Platoon          11 figs / 2 guns
Command Stands  6 figures
Tanks                   5 vehicles

Japanese Total     318 points

Infantry                42+27=69 figures
5 vehicles
Marine Points 168 points

Total points 486 points


I find that with submissions like this I have a difficult time focusing on anything in particular, so I will only say: Cripes! Miles! You're a [bleeping] painting machine! Seriously, I'm always struck dumb by what people like you, Dave, Martin, Tamsin, etc. can generate in a short period of time. It's truly astounding. 

Lovely horde of South Pacific warfighters, Mr. Reidy. I look forward to seeing how you get on with the Marines. Enough said.

486 points it is. Yeesh.


  1. Another Miles point bomb - cracking work from the Monday Mathemagicominion :)

  2. Miles you've got the raccoons working overtime. Great work!

    1. They really struggle with 15's

    2. Haha! I forgot to say that I really like that terrain board you've featured in the post. Lovely work Miles.

  3. Zowie that's a lot of troops. Nice work!

  4. Only two whole armies this week? Slacking a little aren't we ;) seriously though, great output and really nice looking stuff!

  5. Boom... was that Krakatoa we just had or was in another Miles PB... great stuff Miles

  6. Bleeding hell. Epic submission.

  7. What a lot of great looking troops!
    Best Iain

  8. Bravo, Master! However, I was waiting for this great bomb last week. But, apparently, in the arsenal there is something else.

  9. Big haul of painted armyness! Great stuff. cheers

  10. Wow! That is an impressive host you've painted up, Miles! I like the Rising Sun banner too, truly an impressive sight even moreso with the table right there...all set for dice chucking! ;)