Saturday, 25 February 2017

From TomF: Hitler's Buzzsaw (20 Points)

Just in case you thought I only painted 10mm figures here are some 28mm WWII minis.

I had this German MG42 crew from Black Tree Design (BTD) base-coated and ready to paint several years ago.  My 28mm WWII collection has been dormant for a number of years which has kept my motivation to paint them fairly low.  But I needed a little point boost for the Challenge and a change from painting the little guys.

G.I.s referred to MG42 as Hitler's Buzzsaw because it sounded like the ripping of cloth when it was in action.  Because of its high rate fire, the barrels overheated fairly quickly, so GIs were trained to attack during the time when the crew had to change barrels.  Unfortunately for the GIs, the MG42 barrel can be easily changed out in about 7-8 seconds.

Here is a short YouTube video of the MG42 in action.

My typical painting technique is to basecoat, ink wash, and drybrush highlight.  In the spirit of the Challenge I tried some layering and blending with the uniforms, in addition to the ink wash.

Looking down the business end of the MG42 and crew!

Those all important extra barrels on the back of the assistant gunner.

Thanks for viewing my submission.


You see so much of the late war camo so I find it's always refreshing to see some German Heer infantry in their 'happy days' uniform. 

I've always liked the look of the MG-34. With it's round-ported ventilated barrel, it always seemed so brutally utilitarian and lethal. You have very nice and clean brushwork on these fellows, this is especially seen in their shoulder tabe and tunic markings. I also really like the expended brass casings at the foot of the gun. Very nicely done Tom.


  1. Nice work on what does look more like an MG34.
    Best Iain

  2. Very good work and for the history, must have been very tricky to face.

  3. The spent casings really do look good, just wish I could do this as good as you. That said I think I would go with a group movement tray for these; for ease in gaming but also to tie these brilliant figures together a bit more.

  4. Very fine work, Tom! Very nice work on the uniforms! The shading and blending came out well! I really like the pile of spent brass, you even got them looking carbon filthy too, very nice work!

  5. This will vex your opponents!