Saturday, 25 February 2017

From DavidB: Ginger Nuns with Guns (180 points)

This was going to be my "home" entry, but time and illness delayed it quite a bit!

The chapel will go to the shelf as I still need to detail it up a bit. It is mounted on textured wood paneling that has a nice texture with the idea being that this and 3-5 more sections can make a sectional board for urban gaming. I still have plenty of room for streets and scatter terrain as well as stand alone structures.

These are three Sisters Repentia. For some slight(genuine or imagined) they have decided that the only way to regain honor is strip themselves of all armor and charge into battle with chainsaws as tall as themselves. I should have at least two more and a disiplinarian sister, but that is almost $80 for 5 models. I picked these ladies up last year at Adepticon for $2 a piece!

The Head Nun with a massive icon, and a combi bolter flamer. I think that is a considerable step up from smacking with a ruler! She is accompanied by 4 Celestrian bodyguards. A standard vet, a superior with power maul and bolter, a melta gun, and a heavy bolter.

A squad of Seraphim which are jump troops armed with grenades and dual pistols. This group of five nuns-with-guns has two sisters equipped with dual flamers . They can put the hurt on the Horus for Hope followers. ;)

A group of 10 standard battle sisters with bolters. They are led by a Superior with a power sword and bolter and also have a flame trooper AND a heavy flamer. Adeptius Soritas belive sternly in the trinity of bullet, sword and flame to deal with the unclean( sic-Horus for Hope)

Until last night this squad, the immolator, the Seraphim below, the immolator, and the Cannoness have been lanquishing in the lead pile. They are all pretty close to first run of the sculpts and had no flash to clean. unlike the seraphim above that had lots of flash to remove.

The origional box of Seraphim. A superior with plasma pistol and power sword leads a group with one flame trooper. In friendly games, I'll just run a big squad of 10 as I can only run two flame troopers in a squad per rules one will be marked as a gunslinger instead. I did think about converting the third with bolt pistols, but these are lovely sculpts and I couldn't bring myself to hack one apart.

A squad of Celestrians for an elite slot with a multi melta and a sister superior with sword and bolter.

It took quite a few years to figure a color scheme for them. I finally just ran with armour done in my favorite paint color (GW scaly green) a rich green heavy torqouise. The Celestrian Elite were easy to single out as they are the only troops who wear the helmets. To separate the Cannoness and her bodyguard I used more spot color in ...ahem...strategic areas.

I like these sculpts and force a lot as they are not bombshell pinups or sexed up like some other not-sisters are. Nothing wrong with those who like that and I will admit that Raging Heroes has not-sisters that are very affordable. I just don't like that look. I thought the red on the breast plates was over the top, but my wife and three daughters like them fine. Two daughters want to play 40k now.

I added some various bits to this tank from fantasy kits. It had lot of room and sisters seem to like embellishing vicks into shrines.

The brown livery kinda absorbed all the roaddust weathering, but it is there if you look.

This beastie took some time as I look at painting vicks as a chore. This was also time consuming as it is all brush. I even painted and highlighted underneath in case it gets destroyed in battle.

I have the newer all plastc kits of the Immolator, but I couldnt find the box that has their tank treads, guns and other bits. A bit of a shame as I made them able to open and spent a bit of time in January painting interiors before gluing them together. I'm sure the bits will turn up at some point. It was two immolators and a rhino. Unlike this one they are "stock" sister tanks.

33 infantry and one tank cleared off the desk!


Oh wow, my absolute FAVOURITE 40K force. This is just awesome David. I've said this several times before but I'll say it again, I think these early Sisters sculpts are still some of the best to come from GW. It's just too bad that they've never really supported them in the game - too expensive, but yet strangely underpowered. BUT hey, they look fantastic, and that has to count for something. 

I like the turquoise green you've gone with them, especially set against their strawberry blonde hair - it gives them a very striking appearance. I also really like the dusty weathering you've done on the Immolator. It gives it a hard-bitten, veteran look. I also admire the book, lantern and reliquary that gives it that wonderful sense of character.  I hope you can find the other vehicles from this force as it would be great to see them done before the end of the Challenge.

180 points for your efforts David. Lovely work.


  1. Lovely work on a really characterful 40K force which I have sitting in a box for what 20 years now? Really nice finish, tempting me back to 40K stuff!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you, Iain! Millsy and I agree that models should bask in primer for at least two decades just to ensure proper paint adhesion! ;)
      My group reduces stats of the unpainted by one across the board....I hope I remember to not use the rookie list! ;)

  2. Those Perry sculpts are just awesome, love the sisters and you've done a cracking job one them - nice one!

    1. Thank you, Jamie! I do love these sculpts a lot. It only took a moment to figure out colors beside black and red! ;)

  3. Not what I expected from the post title! But I lov these. The female is truly deadlier than the male. The teal armour is great and I'm a sucker for gingers.

    1. Thank you, Peter! I just showed them off to my gaming group last night. They were not expecting flame haired, green and brown armored sisters either.
      I told them they are decended from an ancient line called "Orrish" and their convent brews this magical elixer that makes people fearless! ;)

  4. Very very good, for the Living Saint!

    1. Thank you, Sander! Celestine is on my list of wants! ;)

  5. The Emperor's Rangas. Very nice!