Monday, 18 December 2017

From DaveD - the social media wallah minion...

Hi All,

You need a Sennett hat don't ya know...
Last year we tried out expanding the contact among the various challengers by using Google+ and Facebook and Google Hangouts for live video chats. The groups are closed and moderated. They do give you the chance to spy in on what you opponents may be up to and do some more smack talk.  Any references to dubious minioning are of course totally aceptable  especially about  Ray.

Click through to take you the group .

Click through to take you to the Facebook group.
 We had a small but growing take up of video chats (where we can do about 10 people simultaneously) and these have continued across this year. Most video chats have started around 8pm UK time - or around about Millsy's breakfast time.  I am planning to try and stagger hosting some to suit the wider global audience. The direct link to the video hangout is published on the Google+ and Facebook pages. just click through.

Google hangouts is a plug in you can download - it usually just fires up when you click through on the link published in the g+ or Facebook page. just follow the instructions to install.

So feel free join in the fun while twirling those brushes.


  1. Cool hope I can manage to take part this time.

  2. I found the video chats to be really great last year- not only the chat and banter (and tips for new techniques) - to see the creations as they progress and hear about the little mishaps along the way made seeing the final entry on the challenge blog far more meaningful. I even found myself getting up at 6am on a Sunday to participate! (yes, its slightly earlier than Millsy's breakfast time Dave!)

  3. Actually that depends on what day of the week it is. I'm out of the house by 6am for work :-)

    We should set some up for evenings for the Antipodeans too.

    1. indeed- thats the early morning sessions over here - we will do

  4. Hangouts will be great - I'm hoping to get some hints and tips from the more experienced challengers. And probably some smack talk.

  5. I hope I can figure out how to make it work. The ones I did manage to join were a lot of fun so I highly recommend it.

  6. Very much looking forward to joining everyone on one of the paint and chats. There's nothing like painting while being accompanied by the musical clinking of brushes in jam-jars of water all across the world!