Sunday, 19 March 2017

From RossM: Last Post and Curtgeld (30 Points)

So here we are at last, the last few hours and the realization that I didn't have until midnight on the 20th to finish a few extra bits for the last post.

The main part of this entry goes to my part of the Curtgeld figures painted by myself - centre front - and Russ G  - rear left and right. Russ has already submitted his figures to the blog here and it was up to me to paint Penda, the Last Saxon King himself and base the other two figures. The figures are available from Gripping Beast.

Apologies on the pictures however, there is no natural light at midnight in Scotland at this time of year so there is a cast from the daylight bulbs at the painting table.

The axe was placed with the cutting edge facing backwards on purpose almost like a statement to the Christian Saxons that ultimately killed Penda; here is my axe and hammer of my foes.

Hope that you like him and will get this sent to Curt as soon as possible.

Next is a warmachine for Hordes of the Things, in 15mm from Alternative Armies range of undead, not much else to say.

Points from this post

1 x 28mm figure - 5
1 x Curtgeld       - 20
1 x 15mm war m/c - 4

Total 29

Thanks again for a superb challenge and looking forward to VIII already. As always its is great to see everyone else's work showcased in the one place; to admire and learn from everyone's painting and effort to our shared hobby. Peace and respect to all and a raised glass to Curt as organizer and to all of the minions for making this possible for us all.

Cheers, Ross


Wow, Penda and the other two warriors are just fantastic, thanks so much Ross! I really like your explanation of his reversed axe - that's so hardcore! I love it. Now I have to go read more about this Dark Age hero and plan for a SAGA force to accompany him. Yes, it never ends (gladly).

Penda and your freaky undead catapult will give you 30 points with a bit of a round-up.

Thanks again Ross and I hope we'll see you next year.


  1. Nice work Ross :)

    @ Curt - shouldn't he have got 2 points for the 15mm skeletal artilleryman as well?

    1. Thanks Tamsin, worth a shout for the points :)

      Cheers, Ross

  2. Great job Ross. That Penda figure is something else. Very cool.

    1. Cheers Greg, I think I will end up getting him for my own collection very soon.

  3. Great work Ross - I lie Penda an awful lot.

  4. Great stuff. Well done. Cheers