Sunday, 19 March 2017

From Millsy - Warhammer Empire Arches and Warrior Priest (65 points)

I didn't think I'd get these done as the weather has been absolutely awful, making undercoating and varnishing a touchy business but somehow it all came together.
This is a further addition to my growing Warhamer Empire army, in this instance a Warrior Priest of Sigmar and a unit of Archers.

First up is the Warrior Priest, a devout worshipper of Sigmar and more than a little reminiscent of the Sontarons in Dr Who if you ask me. A lovely little figure to paint and likely a fair challenge for the enemy on the field as is happened in my game earlier today. What's not to like about angry bald men in shiny metallic clothing?

The Archers are one of those units I am not sure I will use much but I have them for completeness if nothing else. I liked the idea of the green coats over their state coloured uniforms on someone else's figures so decided to go that way myself. It reminds me they are woodsmen and should be used as skirmishing troops and opposed to a solid block formation on the table.

So that's another 65 points for my total and another step towards a playable Empire force.


From DaveD. Aaah Mr Mills , good to see you have played on through the vagaries of the weather.. well worth the effort... the angry bald guy is wonderful , he's got a fine angry face! I love the colours on the archers - there is just something about archers and green that seems so right to me..


  1. Nice work Millsy - good to see this army growing :)

  2. Nice Empire troops, I specially like the archers, great paintjob!

  3. Great stuff mate - the Hammer Priest is very cool

  4. Great work Millsy - and as with your other Empire stuff, super inspiring! Stay tuned for next Challenge...well done!

  5. Very nice additions to the army. cheers

  6. Thanks guys. It's coming together. Slowly!

  7. I like the warrior priest!

  8. Great work Millsy - those archers are especially nice. And I agree on the Sontarian resemblance - but then again I've met a few pseudo Sontarians in real life.