Sunday, 19 March 2017

From GregB - Last Post - Some More Epic 30k (16 Points)

Not a bang, but a whimper...a few more Epic 30k bits to wrap things up

So I'm piling on among the myriad of final posts for this edition of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, but I want to chime in with the final shudders of my own painting table as well as some of my own thanks.

As to the content itself, well, it's not huge. A few more vehicles for my Epic 30k efforts.  There are two Sicaran tanks, two Deredeo-class dreadnoughts and a Deimos pattern command Rhino APC from the VII Legion, the Imperial Fists, probably the stoutest and foremost of the so-called "loyalists", fighting to the bitter end in defence of the alleged "Emperor", if such a thing or person even actually existed...these vehicles and walkers are rounding out established elements of existing forces in my Epic collection.   

Sicaran battle tanks of the VII Legion, the Imperial Fist.  Hmmm...that sounds kind of fascist, doesn't it? Horus is so much more tolerant and open to new ideas...
The green vehicle is a gunship for the XVI Legion, the Sons of Horus, enlightened followers of the Warmaster and his bid for hope and change in the galaxy.  This is the first of several Epic scale Space Marine aircraft I had intended to paint during this Challenge, but didn't quite get to because...I'm a wargamer and I got distracted!  On the plus side, I'm stuck into SAGA now...

Command Rhino APC for the Imperial Fists.  I have finished a few of these now, a benefit of the Challenge

Deredeo class dreadnoughts...they are small on the table, but they are armed to the teeth and wreck a LOT of sh!t...

Storm Eagle gunship of the XVI Legion - carries troops AND wrecks sh*t...will be fun to paint a few more of these for the Epic gaming tables...
I am sorry I have not been able to comment on the flood of submissions this weekend, but I was a bit pre-occupied with a local gaming event here in Winnipeg - Legions Maxximus.  We staged an Epic 30k demonstration game today, and several models painted in the Challenge saw action for the first time - here are a few photos:
Titans of Legion Gryphonicus lead a loyalist deluded....
The Imperial Fists mount a deadly assault on the Sons of Horus in a urban setting...a Fellblade awaits the outcome...
Oh yeah!!! Titans clash in "close combat"...the Legio Mortis Titan on the right would rip the Loyalist Reaver titan to pieces...the Warmaster approved...

Points-wise, this amounts to...not a whole lot...four 6mm vehicles and two 6mm walkers. Curt will sort it out.

There are too many people to thank...but I want to thank a few.  First of all, my Tuesday minions, Alan and Paul.  Well done, guys!  I also really want to thank the participants in the 30k side duel - Iannick, Jamie and Alex. It's been awesome, a spur and motivation to finish a lot of figures and continue to enjoy a "period" and setting that is near and dear to me.  You guys help make it even better. I have so enjoyed connecting with you, in spirit of the Challenge that Curt has inspired, so thanks, and keep in touch!

An additional acknowledgement for Iannick, and his awesome work on the Curtgeld. You are a brilliant painter! With the hipster lightbox and everything! Woohoo! I look forward to getting some kind of grand 30k game together in Montreal, or at my cabin on Lake Superior, or here in the Prairies...we'll figure it out....

To SeanM...I'm sorry my friend, but Canada Post has not delivered our Curtgeld in time...I promise I will get the job done when it shows up.  We won't get the points, but I won't let you down - I have too many great memories of gaming together here in Winnipeg for that.

To others, like MartinN, Lee, Peter and more I can't name have inspired me to dive into other periods and settings.  Thank you for answering my questions and nudging me along.  I can't say too much here, but let's just say, in terms of the next Challenge, I have one word to share...Byzantines...

And most of all, thanks to my great friend Curt.  Every year you do this Challenge, it rams home once again how much I enjoy hanging out with you, the great memories we share of gaming and hanging out together on Fawcett Avenue in Winnipeg.  Damn, I miss you and Sarah, more than I can properly articulate.  So I will leave it with this - all the best my friend, and I look forward to seeing you again soon...

Cheers all - great painting all around! Thank you, and see you next time!! 


Stonking stuff once again, Duderino! 

These last vehicles will add the icing to a wonderfully executed Challenge, my friend. Yup, you were on fire this year Greg.  The quantity of your work was only exceeded by its quality. But better than all of that was the wonderful fun of reading your submissions. I know there were more than a few of us who rubbed our hands together whenever we saw a 'Greg post' online, as we knew we would be treated to a entertaining combination of charming self-deprecation, joyous dork-comentary and razor-sharp wit. That in of itself was 'epic'. 

Now, start priming those Byzantines for the next Challenge. I'll be right beside you with the Sassanids (and maybe a few Arabs). Until we meet across the next tabletop, mon ami. :)


  1. Cracking stuff once again! Thanks to you also for the 30k duel, thanks to it and the "pressure" of the duel I have a battle ready force of Thousand SOns ready and raring to go. Here's to next year!

  2. Great looking tanks, I think the imperial fists colour scheme works better in the smaller scale and you've done a lovely job on them!
    Best Iain

  3. Thanks for all your help before and during the challenge Greg! Love that Storm Eagle

  4. Great looking Epic stuff to end up Greg. I'm looking forward to seeing your Byzantines in the future, and will take some satisfaction if you blame me for them!

  5. Nice stuff. Those dreadnoughts would make for great mechs in Horizon Wars. Been really good seeing your work and collection grow. cheers

  6. Where the heck does one get those 30k Epic Heresy models?!