Sunday, 19 March 2017

From EvanH and Millsy: Curtgeld Imaginations Standard Bearer (30 Points Each)

To round out our Challenge this year Evan and I have a nice little combination effort in the form of our Curtgeld.

Our contribution to Curt's collection is a mounted standard bearer from Evan's Principality of Velikye Byelgorodniya, one of the two main protagonists in the Die Kriege de Zobelshuts (aka Wars of the Sable Hat). The miniature is a Front Rank Russian cuirassier standard bearer, gorgeously painted by Evan. The face is packed with character and to my mind is one of the best miniatures Evan has ever produced.

Once painted Evan handed him over to me to create a vignette base and add the bespoke flag. I chose to go with a scene representing the head of a column of troops crossing the border, depicted here by a border guard's shelter. Whether this is an advance or a retreat is anyone's guess! Either way the occupant of the shelter thought it better to make himself scarce.

All that remains for our Challenge this year is to thank a considerable number of people, starting with our illustrious host the Snowlord himself. As always Curt we're indebted to you for your generosity, enthusiasm and good nature mate. We love the Challenge and always feel a wee bit sad when it draws to an end. Of course we can't forget Lady Sarah for sharing Curt with us and for letting us play in his tree house for over the last few months. To the 2016/17 Minions, thanks folks for doing such a smashing job and herding the cats week in week out. To the sponsors, thanks for your generosity and for making the Challenge even more special. And finally, to our fellow challengers, thank you for sharing your amazing, witty, creative, beautiful and inspiring work. What a wonderful Challenge is have been yet again.

All the best everyone. See you next year!

Evan and Millsy


Evan, Millsy, this is just superb. I have to agree with you Michael, Evan's cavalryman is a corker - his face is so beautifully done - wow. Smashing brushwork Ev! And Millsy, your skills in creating an evocative scene remains undiminished. As I've mentioned before, sometimes the absence of things tells more than their presence and this holds true with the abandoned guardhouse. Well done, sir.

I have no 18th century stuff in my collection so, who knows, perhaps this will be the start of something new for me. :) 

Again, thanks so much Evan and Millsy. After seven years I can't imagine a Challenge without either of you participating, so lets all look forward to the eighth, eh? :)





  1. Lovely work on the figure and basing guys! :)

  2. Fantastic Curtgeld and that face is superb Evan!

  3. Great work guys! I love the "empty" border post!

  4. Glad you liked it Curt and thanks for the positive comments guys.

  5. A great and fitting end: this mounted men is riding out of this year's Challenge and onto the next one! Well done indeed!

  6. Thanks for the kind words, folks! And special thanks to Millsy for vignetting the trooper so splendidly!