Sunday, 19 March 2017

From ChrisH: The Last Gasp 15mm and the Pile of Shame (60 Points)

I have watched with envy how so many have remained focused on the task at hand and more importantly so many of you have stuck with only a few areas. Sadly my mind drifts from project to project. Sometimes it is the whim of the shiny new toy or new set of rules. Or I just get inspired to dust off the old metal sitting in the box for too long. For my final submission I present a small selection of 15mm Zulu War British. They sat unloved for 2 years, but when a friend bought All Quiet on the Martian Front I could not help myself. Colonial combats between warriors of incredible bravery but few rifles or The Heat Ray vs the thin red line. No brainer really "ULLA!".

For my final submission and one that I am less proud of is the collection of undercoated, bare metal, spot of paint or plain ran out of oomph to get them done that I had planned to get completed by the end of the Challenge. 

Persians, cave people, 20mm Brits, Crusaders for Lion rampant (the other five for my first unit), Hussars, Moderns, and the Brit Colonial cavalry to take the fight to the Machine. So many are so close but no time, no time.

Thanks to all, Dux and Paul G as minions worthy of a third version of "Despicable Me". To Curt for being mad enough to run it all again, and thanks to all of you for producing some fantastic painted toys that help me to remain 18 even in my 48th year.

Oh, Points for the end, 30 15mm X 2 points a mere 60 points.


Ah, Chris, there is absolutely no shame in your confession, for what you describe is most of us, and in fact you are in friendly company. If I took a picture of my desk right now, it would show a cacophony of half-finished figures from over a dozen projects. Annoying at times like this? For sure. Then again, I'm sure both of us would agree that we wouldn't want it any other way. We must embrace the chaos of our toy soldiery. :)

While I little dark in the photo, I do like the look of your colonial British in their brave line, colours flying.  

I've not tried AQotMF, but I've heard from friends that it's quite fun. Your boys may want to slather on the SPF 10,000 when the Heat Ray opens up, but perhaps you can beat them to the punch by giving out 'Five Rounds Rapid'.

Now, what are those yellow-primed figures? :0)

60 points for you, sir. See you for the next campaign. 


  1. Look on the bright side, you have something to paint in the next challenge!

  2. Call that a hall of shame? You should see mine! ;)

    Nice work on the colonial Brits there Chris :)

  3. Shame, shame, who's talking about shame?! We're all painting TOY SOLDIERS for Pete's sake... :-P there is NO shame involved, you've done great mate!

  4. Yellow chaps are Persians, bit bright but we will see in the end.

  5. Remember Chris - focus is for the weak...
    And you are lucky to have just one "pile of shame". I have an entire room...

  6. Well done on these Brits -we all have piles of shame.